Photo from Pixabay

Boone born and bred, the new Charlotte location still has the feel of what one might expect to find in Boone–unique, weird flavors (and classics as well) and a focus on local ingredients and freshness.

Hidden besides the Payless Shoes in the Target parking lot less than five minutes away from UNC Charlotte, you’ll find some of the kindest staff and pretty incredible flavors of cookies. I spoke with the owner while I picked out the one cookie I wanted to try (how could I choose only one?). He was candid with the difficulties that the company has been facing getting support from the community coming in late and in a small location that many didn’t know about. After the conversation, I was convinced the company really cares about what they brought to the table for our area, but I still hadn’t tried one of their actual products, so I had to reserve judgment before becoming too convinced they were better than the other options near campus.

Picking the cookie you want to try is really the hard part. They are all displayed for you to view and salivate over while you try to control yourself and attempt to only buy one (use the Yelp check in and you get that one cookie for free). The flavors should cover all your bases: classics: chocolate chip, mint chocolate, s’mores, white chocolate, to innovative: Ron Swanson (bacon) and interesting seasonal flavors like red wine and dark chocolate and Irish creme. They also have gluten free and vegan options. For anyone who has tried to find a treat around Charlotte and the university area with those limitations, you know this is a big deal.

They will give you a cookie straight out of the case, already baked. But if you’re willing to walk around Target for 15 minutes or chat with the staff, you’ll be enjoying a warm, freshly baked cookie that is worth the $1.69. They also offer little cups of frosting and milk (non dairy options too) so you have some refreshments to enjoy alongside the cookies. They’ve got this thought out.

I ended up trying a few samples of several cookies, but went with the Yosef, which was a nutty, oat-based cookie that seemed almost like a cross between peanut butter, chocolate chip and oatmeal. The spices were noticeable but not overwhelming, the cookie was deliciously soft and the chocolate chips were warm. I was shocked when I saw that the cookie was vegan, especially considering I chose it over some strong non-vegan options. The cookie was the perfect size to feel decadent but not over indulgent, and waiting for it to be warm was worth the stroll around Target to say the least. I finished it faster than I care to admit and had to walk out of the store to prevent myself from buying another.

Also, if you are a student, they offer some great deals and promotions. If you follow them on Facebook, you may snag a few free cookies and you always get the student discount. This is a company that wants the UNC Charlotte community’s support and is willing to go out of their way to do it.

There is no seating in the store, so if you are waiting for your cookie, pop a squat on the windowsill or definitely go grab something from Target. Other than that, I can’t think of any complaints. The store is clean, they have an easy to use rewards system, and the vibe is fun and definitely college-student friendly. Also, if you’re not willing to make the trek, they deliver. Yes, I have been known to eat their delicious Snickerdoodle cookies in my bed late at night. Yes, there was no shame.

I would give App Cookie a solid five stars out of five for the quality, energy and inventive flavors. Support local businesses and check out App Cookie Co to see what you think. You’ll honestly probably see me there.