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There are many reasons why you should or shouldn’t stick with a job throughout your
college career. Of course it can be hard to balance work life with school life, but for the most part, having a job while in college is very beneficial.One reason why you should definitely get a job while going to a university is future debt. For those who do not have to pay for the loans they have accumulated during college, most of us do. Once you graduate, soon enough you will have to pay off the debt you have gained while attending school. This can be pretty hard because chances are your first job or two after graduation will not pay too much. It is a good idea to think ahead while being in school and get a job to save up money. It is good to put away around ten to fifteen percent of your paycheck into a savings account. It may not seem like a lot at the time, but eventually it will add up and after four years or so you will have a good chunk of extra cash to spend. Saving money is really important when you are keeping your future in mind and especially when it comes to paying off your college debt when you graduate.

Speaking of saving money, having a side job while in school teaches you money management skills. It is so important not to splurge on impulse purchases and save money for later. If you are just spending your money on anything and everything, it is not helping you prepare for the future. We are going to have more and more bills to pay for when we are older, so it is good to learn now how to save up for important things over mediocre things. You never know when something comes up and you are going to have to have the money then and now to pay for it and it is good to have a safety net for this very reason. Also, it is important to have some extra spending money. Everyone’s current financial situation is different, but if your parents currently pay for some things like your rent or phone bills, it is nice to have some extra cash laying around that they aren’t giving you.

Another reason while sticking with a part-time job during your college experience would be to have experience. This is another very important reason to get a job. Having an extra job on your resume along with your degree tends to stand out. Whatever future career you look forward to having when you graduate, it helps to have some experience in the field you are going for. Or it does not even have to be in the direction you are aiming for, but any customer service job prepares you to have great people skills. Future employers like to see that you were keeping busy throughout your college experience and really like to see that you have had at least spent some time with working in your life. It looks great on a resume you can multi-task and doing things other than school. Having a job will put you ahead of the completion in the future when applying for you dream career outside of school.

Finding the right job for you can be hard or easy how you approach it. Babysitting is always a good call

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when in college because there is always the option to do homework while you’re watching the kids. It also pays pretty well and depending on the children, it can be fun.Restaurants seem to always be hiring and you will always walk out with decent cash in your pocket. This also looks great on a resume due to you are always dealing with people face-to-face. You just have to look around for the right job for you. UNC Charlotte has a great job posting site, along with LinkedIn and just Google searching available positions. In the end, having a job while in college will be more beneficial in the long run and worth the balance between working and school.