The UNC Charlotte etudent Government Association (SGA) held their weekly student senate legislative meeting April 20.

Guest Speaker

Director of Auxiliary Services Ana Alvarez addressed the Senate, mostly regarding dining services since Jody Thompson, liaison to Chartwell’s, could not attend the meeting. Alvarez started off by explaining all aspects of auxiliary services which includes dining, the 49er card, the bookstore, mail and packages, copy and print and vending/ATM.  Some senators asked Alvarez about getting more food options on campus and she explained how changing brands can take an average of 3-5 years. She said that moving Bojangle’s from Cone to the Student Union alone cost around $400,000. Senators also stated they would like more consistency in their dining experiences on campus especially in regards to eating in dining halls. While senators stated that they enjoy eating in the dining halls, they often find that some days are good while others are not.  Alvarez stressed that while they want a great dining experience for the over 3,000 students that eat at dining halls, they are working on a balance of having a restaurant feel and being able to serve all of the students quickly and efficiently. Alvarez discussed that Starbucks will be undergoing a “refresher” over the summer and she hopes to have a larger location for Starbucks in the next several years. The “grab and go” program, which refers to the products like sandwiches and yogurts that are in locations like Outtakes and Peets, will be getting an upgrade and different products will be offered. The Chartwell’s contract is up next year and will be under review. Alvarez said that there are only three companies in the country that service major universities, one of which is Chartwell’s.

The Executive Cabinet Confirmation Act I

The Executive Cabinet Confirmation Act I was passed by a unanimous vote by the Senate. This act appointed executive secretaries to the office of the student body president. The Senate approved Mildred Martinez as the secretary for academic affairs, Raleifoot Chisom II as the secretary for information technology, Kelsey Summey as the secretary of student affairs, Amber Creft as the secretary for diversity affairs and Mackenzie Belton as the secretary for internal affairs.

The new junior class president Cheyenne Gest was also sworn in along with Payton Stull, who is a senator for the William States Lee College of Engineering.