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If you find yourself in uptown Charlotte and want a good brewsky and comfort food, this is the place for you. Rock Bottom Brewery, located on the corner of North Tryon and W 7 st., is a local tavern with its own brewery and restaurant combination that serves craft beers and pub-style food. This is not my first time at the lovely restaurant, but does not disappoint time and time again.

Rock Bottom Brewery was founded in 1991 in Denver, Colorado. Their goals as a restaurant and brewery were to provide food from local brewmasters and chefs to create a unique and amazing experience for every location. They have a saying around the restaurant, “life only begins when you’ve hit Rock Bottom!”

When my significant other and I arrived, we had just missed the Rich & Bennetts St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl attendees, which was what we were hoping for. Even though a handful of people trickled in and out as we ate, there was no large group of people at the bar. However, it was a Saturday night, so we were told it was a 45 minute wait. The hosting staff looked busy, rushed and were slightly distracted when we received the text that our table was ready. All to be expected in Charlotte on a busy Saturday. We were seating within 15 minutes which was perfect time for us to run to our car and grab our coats just as the frigid weather hit.

Once we were seated, we ordered our starting drinks and I looked through the menu for something I haven’t tried. I finally settled on the Ale Chicken, which is pan-seared chicken breast (cut in 3 pieces) and smothered in a dark ale beer and mushroom sauce, served with roasted vegetables and cheddar mashed potatoes. My date ordered the Chicken-fried Chicken, covered in white gravy and served with mashed potatoes and apple coleslaw. Talk about southern comfort food! My date also got a flight of the five classic Rock Bottom beers and an extra dark beer of his choice.

Once we received our food, we sat, talked and indulged in the goodness on our plates. Both of our meats were well cooked and juicy, even to the last of it. I noticed my mashed potatoes didn’t have much of a cheddar flavor or really any flavor at all, but nothing a little pepper and salt can’t fix. The vegetables on my plate were both roasted and seasoned well and added a nice balance to the heavier potatoes and sauce. All in all my food was probably the best thing I’ve ever gotten at Rock Bottom and will be on my next receipt. My date enjoyed the entirety of his dish, specifically the gravy that topped the chicken, which he described as having good flavor and not being too thick. They have a big variety of foods, including sandwiches, steaks, southern dishes including chicken and Mac ‘n’ cheese (YUM) and lighter options like salmon with a honey glaze. And if that doesn’t make your mouth water, the prices will. Both of our dishes were $14.99, the total bill coming out to $35.

Photo By Hailey Turpin

Even though I am not 21, my date also enjoyed the beers that he tasted. His favorite was the Rock Bottom Red Ale, which had a distinct amber color and gave an almost fruity smell. He described the beers as uniquely flavored with a wide variety of options, but were not particularly his favorite. However, he said they paired well with the food he ordered.

Also, if you part in the parking deck under the restaurant (entrance is behind the restaurant) they have parking validation and are usually greatly priced. That being said, don’t forget your ticket you get from the parking deck, that way you can show them when you get the bill.

My most recent visit to this restaurant was just as expected: hearty and comforting. If you are looking for a place that brings the soul of beer, comfort food and tavern-like aesthetics, you will feel right at home at this uptown favorite. If you plan on going to this restaurant on the weekend, plan accordingly and make reservations, that will save you time and helps the staff keep the guests organized. You will definitely find me at this location in the future and until then, happy eating Niners!

Rate: ⅘ stars


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