Photo by Steve Keros.

Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) makes a comeback tour at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, showcasing a mix of old and new songs from “The Getaway” album.

Slowly enter the bass guitarist (Flea), lead guitarist (Josh) and drummer (Chad) as they riff off a funk/jazz melody to pump up the audience as they transition to their most popular song, “Can’t Stop.” In comes the lead singer (Anthony), he starts singing the first words of “Can’t Stop” and the audience goes wild.

The band started with their most popular songs, “Can’t Stop,” “Snow (Hey Oh),” “The Zephyr Song” and “Dark Necessities.” Then they slowly transitioned to their less popular songs, “She’s Only 18,” “Go Robot” and  “Parallel Universe.” The band even did covers of popular songs, “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder and “What Is Soul” by Funkadelic.

Being a long-time fan of RHCP, I was excited to finally watch them live. When the time came, I was not disappointed. The concert was an amazing experience. The high-energy band was a wonderful, one-in-a-lifetime experience. I was honored to watch them live.

The special effects amazed me the most. I thought the special effects of the performance heightened the concert experience: the color changing lights descend from the ceiling, screens projecting each band member and cool pop art that moved throughout the screen.

The stage screens focused on each band member, but mostly original band member, Flea (bass) and new band member, Josh (guitar). Flea and Josh were the stars of the show. They each showed off their guitar and bass skills on the stage, with their quick reflexes and strong stamina keeping up with the fast-paced beats. Sometimes, Josh and Flea would face each other as they both played each other’s riffs, it felt like a mixing of the old and the new band members; similar to how the concert list was set up. The concert was a mix of old and new sounds, making their performance all-inclusive to long-time and new-found fans.

The lead singer (Anthony) showed off his quick rapping skills in songs like “By The Way” and “Give It Away.” After all these years, Anthony still has the same high-energy performance as when RHCP started in 1983.

Psychedelic, cartoon-like effects caught the audience’s eyes as it moves through the stage screens.

The psychedelic effects heighten the environment of the song. Multi-colored rectangles are shown when the band plays, “Parallel Universe.” The effects makes the viewer feel like they are going to another universe; slow songs had popup art of moving 3d rectangles that slowly turn into wings, which was shown in “The Getaway.”

The special effects of the concert were effective in making good use of the large space in the Spectrum arena. It led the viewer toward the stage as RHCP performed.

After a short break, RHCP saved the best songs for last, “Californication,” “Under the Bridge,” “By The Way,” “Goodbye Angels” and “Give It Away,” so that the fans would leave the concert on a good note.