Survivor hold signs with quote that abuser said. Photo courtesy of Maura Carroll.

College rape cases are a widespread epidemic with UNC Charlotte ranking tenth in the nation for reported rape cases in 2014. In many situations however, rape victims do not report their attack and keep their suffering silent.

Maura Carroll, the founder of Charlotte Breaking Out (CBO), began the club as an English project in which she took pictures of rape victims with posters that summed up their assault or quoted a line their abuser said during the attack.

The response to Carroll’s project was so substantial that she grew it into a club on UNC Charlotte’s campus.

“When I first started the club, I did not really know which direction to take it in but I just knew I wanted to create a safe place for survivors and all students who support the cause,” Carroll said.

CBO is a place where assault survivors can talk about their experience in a safe environment and begin the healing process alongside of other survivors.

Carroll explained, “Our goal is to not only serve as a safe community for victims and concerned students, but to shine a light on the reality of sexual assault and the ways we can prevent and educate students on these issues.”

CBO plans to hold events, meetings and bring in guest speakers to help bring awareness to the rape culture on college campuses. Their slogan is “Stop the Stigma. Stop the Silence.”

Rape culture affects all college campuses. Make a difference by supporting organizations like Charlotte Breaking Out and educating yourself about the rape culture epidemic.