President candidate Lauren Bullock and running mate Kevin Hines table at Niner Palooza. Photo by Pooja Pasupula.

As a part of Niner Palooza, the Student Government Association (SGA) organized the “Why Fair” on Thursday in the CHHS/COED Plaza to kick off SGA elections. Niner Palooza is a series of events that gets students involved with the elections, starting with the Why Fair, then the Debate Pep Rally, then the Election Debate at the end.

The first event was called the “Why Fair” because it gave students an opportunity to talk to candidates and members of SGA and ask them questions. When students asked questions, they got the chance to win a free food truck meal.

The CHHS Plaza had many different food trucks, including funnel cakes, barbecue, snowcones and popcorn. Students were also able to take pictures with Norm the Niner.

The fair also had many departmental showcases, such as the Office of Student Conduct, the Housing Ambassadors, International Programs, the Multicultural Resource Center and more. These departments were also available to provide information to students.

Elizabeth Moore, graduate assistant for the Office of International Programs, shared why they are showcasing their department in Niner Palooza.

“We wanted to participate in Niner Palooza to relay the message of the two big programs that we have right now, Global Gateways and International Women’s Day,” she said. “We’re here to show that there are programs out there that promote diversity and learning about other cultures.”

She explained that Global Gateways is an internationally-focused program that is designed to increase students’ cultural awareness, while taking part in an open and welcoming community.

Sophomore Class President Candidate, Rebecca Gill, also discussed some of her thoughts on the process of running for such a prominent leadership position.

“For me personally, I enjoy meeting people in my classes, I enjoy building networks,” she said. “I think the most gratifying part of it is whether I do or don’t win, I can still include people in my future activities and organizations.”

She also mentioned that the most difficult part of the process is not only getting the word out, but getting people to actually click the links and take time out of their day to vote.

Spring elections for SGA will be held from March 28 until March 29. Vote online at