(Samuel is a student studying French at CIEF – Centre International d’Études Françaises)

“I’ve liked French since I was around 12 years old (or something like that) because my step-grandmother spoke French, my step-sisters and mother spoke French – everyone in my family spoke French.  They lived in France some years ago, and then they moved to Venezuela.”

“I want to study Psychology or maybe something related to health but not, like, medicine.  Maybe become a Paramedic or something.  But basically, when I was a kid and a teenager I spent much time playing football and actually my dream was to become a professional football player.  But now it’s really complicated: you have to be really, really good.  So right now I’m just trying to find any other way.  I probably will still play football, but maybe not as a professional.  In Venezuela I was playing for a 3rd Division team.  It actually wasn’t paid, but, you know, sometimes you have to play against teams that are professional so that they have the chance to see you – that’s how this business is.  When I moved to Luxembourg [in September of the last year] it was really hard to find a team because football works with transfer markets and that means that I wasn’t able to play until December more or less).  And when December arrived, surprise, I’m moving to Dijon!”