Last February, before I moved to Charlotte, I took a trip here to check out the area. I was so curious to know what my future home looked like. A group of friends I was with really wanted to go to the mall, but I wanted to go somewhere that was a little less crowded. Driving through Uptown Charlotte I came across Marshall Park. After I spent a couple of hours in the park, I left with the intent on coming back to this beautiful park at some point when I move to Charlotte. Exactly a year later and I reunited with my favorite place to relax.

Photo by Brianna Sumpter

Marshall Park is located in East Uptown Charlotte, across from the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center. Surrounded by a bunch of buildings, this park is a great place to take a quick break from your day and your troubles. There are benches in the center of the park, which makes it very convenient to sit and have lunch or sit and read a book. Also in the center of the park is a waterfall that adds an extra calming vibe to the place. If you are into exercising, you will really love the loop that surrounds the park, which is normally used for walking or jogging. One of my favorite things about this park is that it is animal friendly, meaning that you are more than welcome to bring your dog and enjoy the day with them. Also, animal friendly means that the park has a very special animal of their own… Geese! It is very common that when you go to Marshall Park you will see geese everywhere. Although extremely friendly, it is a mandatory park rule that you are not allowed to feed the geese.

Some of the other rules of the park are no cruising, no hunting, no littering and no swimming in the lake. Also, the park opens at sunrise and it closes at dusk everyday. If you are looking for somewhere to park when coming to this park, the only options you have are to find one of the parking spots along the road and pay for the meter to run for two hours or park in one of the uptown parking decks. I would recommend this park to people of all ages, but if you are below the age of sixteen you can not ride a bike or skateboard through here without a helmet. This is my favorite place to hang out and relax because this was the first place I saw in Charlotte. Also, this park is my favorite because I love how calm it is and how there are always geese there. Your view of East Uptown is great from the park, as you can see the Bank of America Stadium from the side of the park. There is also a little play area if you decide to bring your children along. I love Marshall Park so much I encourage you all to go check it out.