Fashion: it can either make or break a person. It runs the celebrity agenda and determines your status within peer groups. Fashion expresses a person, reflects seasons and is ever-changing. At the end of every year, a team of experts gets together to predict upcoming trends, colors and fads that will have a major impact on society. For the 2016 year, skin-tight everything and neutral colors inspired by the Kardashian family dominated the market. Women everywhere were wearing body-con dresses paired with knee-high boots while men sported skinny, distressed jeans, an oversized, neutral colored t-shirt and Adidas sneakers. Moving away from that, 2017 is predicted to be seen with an influence of the late ‘90s-early 2000s grunge era.

There are many events that influence fashion and the changes in the industry with the most prominent one right now being the election season. Generally, people tend to dress more professionally surrounding the election season, shying away from leather and mini-skirts and replacing them with blazers and knee-length pencil skirts. Big heels turn into loafers and revealing tops turn into conservative blouses – it’s just how the trends work. Since this election season was so controversial, it’s not surprising that more people are reaching for the darker colors and “rebellious” looks. Although spring is right around the corner, no one seems to be thinking about the bright colors and are replacing typical spring colors with the pastel and muted version of them. They pair these colors with denim skirts and trench coats, two fashion staples of this upcoming year. Don’t worry, florals are still a spring staple. As Meryl Streep in  “The Devil Wears Prada” said: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

White is seemingly the only bright color we will see in spring with all-white outfits making a comeback. Whether it be white linen dresses, a white top and white skirt, or white pants with a muted color top, white is predicted to dominate the market. On the other side of the color spectrum, black is also prominent, as it always has been. Black is the color of fashion. People are breaking out the graphic t-shirts and mesh fabric to create a grunge revival. Platform shoes are finding their way back and chokers aren’t going away anytime soon. Of course, every outfit is paired with highlighter makeup, no matter how bright or dark the outfit may be.

Showing off your curves was the thing to do in 2016 fashion, but not everyone has natural curves. This has influenced the tight tops with billowing bottoms look that is making its way onto the streets. There was once a time when women wouldn’t be caught dead with big hips yet now are doing everything in their power to attain them. This style creates the illusion of a small waist and big hips; the iconic look of our day. When you are trying to achieve this look, keep in mind the colors should now be dark instead of neutral and maybe add a choker or platforms to really fit in with everyone else in the months to come. Don’t shy away from colors, but make sure they’re not too bright and do NOT forget your highlight. Fashion is supposed to be fun, so wear everything with confidence and be sure to push the bar.