Spoiler Warning: The following review contains spoilers for “Legacy of Mandalore” and for previous episodes of “Star Wars Rebels” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

The Mandalorian people have long been a subject of interest in the Star Wars galaxy, ever since Boba Fett was first seen donning their trademark armor in “The Empire Strikes Back.” We got a lot of arcs focused on them in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and a large proponent during them was the Darksaber. The Darksaber is a pitch-black lightsaber and is a symbol of power in Mandalore. It was wielded by the first ever Mandalorian Jedi, and was passed down in his clan until Darth Maul got a hold of it by a challenge of combat in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” Of course Sabine Wren got her hands on it earlier this season and spent the entirety of last episode training in order to be skilled enough to use it to unite her people behind the rebellion, which leads us to this episode.

The episode begins with Sabine, Ezra, Kanan, Fenn Rau and Chopper traveling to Sabine’s home world of Krownest, one of Mandalore’s many planets. After Sabine alerts her people that they are arriving, the crew is greeted with a not so friendly welcoming party, causing them to crash the Phantom II. After Sabine is reunited with her brother Tristan, the group minus Fenn Rau and Chopper head to Clan Wren’s stronghold, which looks like it was taken straight out of a Bond film. Once there, the group meets Sabine’s mother Ursa Wren, who takes Sabine aside for a private discussion where we learn Sabine’s father is alive but essentially held captive on the Mandalore. Sabine ends up giving her mother the Darksaber as a sign of trust, although once alone Ursa alerts Gar Saxon that she has her daughter, two Jedi and the Darksaber. We were introdouced to Gar Saxon earlier this season as the now current leader of Mandalore, and also hear him referred to as the emperors hand this episode. Once Gar Saxon arrives and retrieves the Darksaber, a fight ensues between his men and Clan Wren, leading to Sabine confronting him in a duel with Ezra’s lightsaber.

Image courtesy of Disney XD.

This duel is the highlight of the episode and although it’s a bit short, the entirety is well-paced and shows off both of the characters skills. Because of the Darksabers age and power, every time it clashes with Sabine’s, an electrical effect sparks around the two, which is great but an even better testament for how far the animation has come since season one for the series. The setting on the frozen lake paired with the music from Kevin Kiner, who incorporates some of the bars from the main “Star Wars” theme into the music, makes this one of the best duels in the series. At the end Saxon finds himself bested by Sabine, who has him in a position not too different from Anakin and Count Dooku in “Revenge of the Sith.” Sabine decides to spare him but once she turns around he makes one final attempt on her but is shot and killed by Ursa, solidifying her decision to stand with her daughter. The episode ends with quite the shock as Sabine reveals she wants to stay with her family in order to save her father and find someone to truly unite the people of Mandalore.

I’ll be honest that before this episode and its predecessor, Sabine was probably my least favorite character of the Ghost crew. While she has received some solid episodes focused on her in the past, I never really was sold on her character until now. We probably won’t see her return until next season and I get a feeling that the person she finds to unite Mandalore will be Bo-Katan, who we last saw back in season five of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” Overall this episode was a standout from the season as we finally meet the long discussed family of Sabine, capped off with a spectacular lightsaber duel between two non-force users. Next weeks episode appears to be focused around Imperial Agent Kallus who may be close to being discovered as the informant for the rebels by his higher ups, including Grand Admiral Thrawn. If you want to catch the episode for yourself, check it out next Saturday at 8:30 p.m. on Disney XD.