Love is in the air… and in your drink! If you are familiar with the secret menu from Starbucks, you know there are many different drinks that you can try that are perfect for this Valentine’s Day. I decided to try the ¨Love on the Rocks¨ refresher from the Starbucks secret menu, and I found it to be extremely delicious.

This refresher was made with the juice used in the famous Berry Hibiscus Refresher. If you are familiar with the Berry Hibiscus Refresher, you know that the refresher is half juice, half water with berries and ice in it, shaken. The Love on the Rocks refresher is the same berry juice but instead of water they put apple juice in it. If you are into juice, then this is the perfect drink for you because there are not two but three different kinds of juices in this drink. After the berry juice and apple juice, they put raspberry flavoring in the drink. I got a venti size so they put 6 pumps of raspberry in the drink (for all of my non-Starbucks drinking people a tall is small, grande is medium and venti is large). Lastly, the drink was topped with a splash of passion iced tea and ice, shaken and poured into the cup.

Overall, the drink was very good. I was extremely pleased with the options on the secret menu. I am not a

Photo by Brianna Sumpter

fan of coffee at all, so I was not sure if I was going to be able to find a drink that was just right for me being that majority of the drinks at Starbucks have coffee in them. The drink was a lot sweeter than I imagined it to be, but it was still very tasty. I think if I would have gotten a little less raspberry than it would have been a little better because the raspberry was a little strong. I would definitely recommend this drink to anyone, especially if you are not a fan of coffee because there is absolutely no coffee in it. If you are not a juice lover you are not, I repeat you are not going to like this drink. It is very fruity and I might suggest you do half the amount of raspberry pumps than what normally come with the drink, especially if you get a venti size.

If you go online and go to you can find a bunch of other drinks if you aren’t big into juice. On the website they have refreshers, frappuccinos and different kinds of lattes for you to try. Many of these drinks are Valentine’s Day themed. My favorite part about the refresher was the apple juice. I could taste the apple juice more than anything else in the drink. If you have a valentine, bring them with you to Starbucks and try the refresher, you won’t regret it! Or come by yourself and enjoy the cool refresher, it is the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day.