Ending your sophomore year, or somewhere in your junior year there is such a thing called the “mid-college crisis” that you may be going through. This crisis can hit you like a ton of bricks, but it can come in two very different ways. One way being you are coming to the realization that college is slowly coming to an end. This can mean for you responsibilities are heading your way and no more wild, crazy nights. The other way the mid-college crisis can affect you is you realize you have no idea what you are going to do with your life and have not even started going in any sort-of direction to figure it out.

Photo By Nicole Buckenham

If you are the type of person that is realizing partying Thursday-Saturday, or maybe even more than that, is a lot harder to do…you are most likely experiencing the mid-college crisis. All of sudden you feel the urge to embrace the phrase “YOLO” more than ever. Any opportunity to go out, no matter who or where, you tend to take it and run with it. You think that you will never have this amount of fun and less responsibilities again. Which is true. The real world is going to come after graduation. There will still be time to go out and have fun, but those fraternity parties may be a little weird to attend. No matter what theme they are you feel the need to go all out. You want to go and try every bar in the area just to say you did it once. Each paycheck you make, you make sure it mainly goes towards having fun than saving for the future. Your mind is basically telling you that you will never be this young again and you need to truly live life to the fullest. This will hit you half way toward college if you are this type of person. It will be a truly great realization. You might all of a sudden get the courage to do things you never would have done. These things can consist of going to a crazy music festival, having a once in a lifetime spring break, meeting new people or simply making great memories. It really does make sense that these are the “best years of our lives.” We have responsibilities but not nearly what they will soon be. Just make sure if you are going through this college crisis that you realize you cannot do college over again. The whole reason we are here is to pass our classes and get that degree. So, even though YOLO can apply to having fun, it also should apply to our future.

The other side of the mid-college crisis is that you realize maybe you are partying a little too hard. Maybe you have not even been partying, but it just did not hit you that you will be graduating soon. This is the more common side to the crisis. It usually hits when you actually get into your major and you need to decide what you are going to do with your life. Grades are becoming more important and passing classes ever so important. This is the time you will be busy researching what you should do with your life. It is probably hitting you that you need to find some sort of internship for the summer. They are hard to find and if you wait too long to look for one… it may become almost impossible. You are probably on Hire-A-Niner and LinkedIn every day. It is starting to bother you that maybe you could have had more experience so far in your college career. But, one thing to remember is it is never too late. Clubs are never too late to join and look great on a resume. They also look super good if you can have a leadership position. Internships, even unpaid ones, are a must have and if you look hard enough, you will be in good shape.

The important thing here is to not stress out. It is tough not to since the end of college is vast approaching. You probably have friends who have graduated already and are watching them blossom at their new job. Maybe ask around and use some networking skills. See if their companies are hiring. The best thing to do is relax, focus on your grades and remember to still have a bit of fun. The “mid-college crisis” can be tough for either route you are experiencing. Just try to find a good balance between having fun and staying focused.