Photo by Emily Hickey

Identity is what makes people who they are, but experimenting with identity is what makes people more fun. Take hair for example; everyone knows you based off your hair color and style. It’s how to identify people with similar names and a way to explain someone if your friend can’t seem to remember who exactly you’re talking about. If someone were to describe me to someone, they would say “Emily with the dark hair,” but as of last night, I am now Emily with the purple-black hair.

I love to dye my hair; it allows me to express myself in a visible way. Usually I go darker to match my eyebrows and attitude, but this time I decided to add a splash of color with my usual black. My go-to hair dye is L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème due to the constant success I’ve had with this brand. Every time I use it, the color is rich and it lasts fairly long for a box-dye (a little over a month). Not to mention it’s cheap and I’m a broke college student. However, this time around I decided to try L’Oréal Paris Féria: Midnight Collection Hair Color in Violet Soft Black. After reading the reviews online, I was convinced this would give me the results I hoped for.

At around 11:00 p.m, I started the process of dyeing my hair. I managed to lather the dye into most of my hair with only occasional help from my friend. I was also able to keep the floors, walls and sink area clean. Not so much the sink mat, but washing machines were created for a reason. The actual process was easy and the kit contained an easy to read, step-by-step guide for use of the product. It took approximately an hour to soak my hair, let it sit, then wash it out and then another thirty minutes to dry and straighten my hair for the final results.

Maybe my hair didn’t take well to the color or the dye wasn’t strong enough, but there’s only a hint of purple and a tint of black. My hair is already naturally dark so for the color to only be one shade darker

Photo by Emily Hickey

isn’t a problem, it’s with the lack of purple that I’m bummed. A couple of people throughout the next day commented on it by asking if I had changed my hair. One friend asked if I had and after I told her yes, she replied: “I couldn’t figure it out so I had to ask, but I like it.” If that is indication of anything it’s that the color is not at all vibrant and my hair is not different enough.

If I were to recommend someone this product, I would not. I love L’Oréal and use a variety of their hair products, but this one I was disappointed with. Despite its luring box design and excellent reviews, it personally did not make a lasting impression on me. One upside is its price at $8.97, but if you want a good box-dye, go with L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème. It’s cheaper, being only $7.97, and the product is fantastic. Next time I dye my hair, I won’t be using this collection, but my loyalty to L’Oréal will never falter.


  1. This is an excellent review and I appreciate your candidness about the product. Next time I get my hair did, I’ll steer clear of the Violet Soft Black. Also, I’ll go ahead and reimburse you the $8.97 plus tax for your troubles.

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