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Have you ever had a craving for something sweet? If you are a human than your answer should be yes. Coffee Cone Cafe is the perfect spot to settle your sweet tooth. Located right outside of campus on University City Boulevard (by Arby´s and 7 Eleven), Coffee Cone Cafe is extremely convenient for our students living on campus and around the campus area. Not only is the location convenient, but they also give a comfortable environment, they have a variety of flavors and options on the menu and their prices are affordable as well. When you come eat at Coffee Cone Cafe you will be greeted by the friendly owners who serve you with a smile.

The Location is convenient

Coffee Cone Cafe has been in Charlotte for a little less than a year and a half, and the co owners, Mr. and Mrs. Flowers are so happy to be serving us coffee and ice cream. One of the coolest things about this place is the location.. Right outside of campus! All you have to do is walk across the street and you’re there. They are open Monday through Wednesday 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sundays.

It is a place to eat and do homework

Once you step inside the coffee shop, you are guaranteed to feel at home. The cozy shop is decorated with positive paintings on the walls and bright-colored furniture to compliment the colors in the store. You will often find students in there enjoying a cup of coffee or a pastry while typing a paper or completing a homework assignment. It truly is a place where everyone feels welcome and at home.

It is a place for everyone to order

One of the very unique things about this coffee shop is that their menu appeals to everyone’s dietary needs. They have a section on the menu for gluten-free drinks and food and a section for people who are lactose intolerant as well. Every drink in here is made from scratch so if there is something you want to add to your drink or something you do not want in your drink, they can alter the drink for you with no problem. When it comes to the ice cream, they also make the ice cream from scratch as well. They offer different kinds of milk so if you aren’t a fan of whole milk do not fear, they also offer almond milk, soy and plenty of other different substitutes.

It is affordable

Recently, I went to visit Coffee Cone Cafe and I bought a small cup of vanilla ice cream with peanut butter syrup on top and it was about $2. Being a college student, I understand that we are all on budgets, and Coffee Cone Cafe understands as well. They make it easy for you to come enjoy a cup of coffee or something to eat because their prices are extremely affordable. For more information on their prices and different items they offer you can check out their Instagram at

They make you feel at home

My favorite part about coming to this coffee shop is the amount of comfort I receive going in there. Being a transfer student was not easy last semester when I transferred here without friends and family. The very first time I went to Coffee Cone Cafe, the owner greeted me with a smile and conversed with me for a while after my order was taken. She smiled and waved good-bye as I left and encouraged me to return again soon. Her presence alone made me feel welcome and she is always excited to see me return. The owners of the shop love to meet new people and will definitely make you feel like that is your home away from home. I urge everyone to go check this coffee shop out, you will feel sweet inside and out!