Isn’t America just the best? I think so. It’s the greatest county on the planet. Hell, it’s the only country on the planet if you ask me. I honestly can’t even name another country that exists, much less a relevant one. I guess when you’re up this high, everybody on the ground just looks like ants.

I mean, seriously, America is top-notch. Grade-A. We singlehandedly invented the most innovative and cutting-edge advancements that human beings have ever witnessed. We brought forth the English language (the American version, not the tea and crumpets kind), Hooters, NASCAR, Meat-lovers pizza and Ric Flair. We won back to back world wars. We are UNDEFEATED in the world series. Shooters shoot, winner’s attitudes only baby.

America is really good at breeding winners. George Washington, Tom Brady and, yes, Donald Trump.

Last week, the paper ran a story titled “No ban, no wall, no alt-facts”, which, using context clues, did not portray the President in a positive light. There was an analogy in the article wherein Trump was likened to an elementary school bully, the classroom was the United States and the well-intentioned teacher, while not specifically analogized, was perhaps the former administration, or the government? I am not entirely sure, though as a Trump supporter I will even concede and agree that Trump is a bully. Let us not forget, that at the pinnacle of Obama’s political success he was once a bully, too. (he quite literally warned the Supreme Court in his State of the Union address not to declare the ACA unconstitutional).

But you know what?

Bullies win. They are winners.

Trump bullied Jeb Bush. He bullied Marco Rubio. He bested a polished and groomed class of Republican candidates during the primaries. More dramatically, he bullied Hillary Clinton and won the presidency. There was virtue in bullying in this election, not pearl-clutching.

Perhaps he does bully the media. While I will not go as far as to compare the Trump administrations relation to the media as akin to North Korea or Cuba, as the author of the article suggested, Trump has zero tolerance for incompetence. And when the media of today has devolved from Truth seeking to narrative spinning, I can understand the pragmatism of his no holds barred approach.

There is no denying that Trump has a “yuge” ego, however to convince yourself that the wall and the ban is a result of his insecurities and pride is foolish. But hey, whatever lets you sleep at night. I am not quite as cynical and instead understand the recent executive orders as filling a void. Borders are the most theoretical and abstract topic when you merely think about them and unless you delineate such with a physical obstruction they are rather flimsy in their persuasion.

This anecdote that bolstering national security somehow stokes the flames of our enemies is a weak argument, literally. It’s the same take someone who enjoys getting bullied would have. Rather than stand firm and assertive, they would rather bend over and be submissive. I am fortunate I have a bull-dog of a bully doing America’s bidding than a door mat. Remember: as feel-good and sappy as an appeal to emotion is, citizens of other nations do not have an inherent right to American citizenship.

America bullied the Native-Americans through manifest destiny. America bullied the confederacy into submission. Hell, even the very nature of America’s founding came about because we were sick and tired of being the conquered, and much preferred the act of the conqueror.

Love it or hate it, life is unfair. Those at the top of the food chain are there for a reason. They bully, but they win. Winner’s win.

Trump is a winner. I must give credit where credit is due — Obama is a winner as well.

And if Trump is the kindergarten bully, I do wonder who Clinton’s elementary counterpart is. Probably the weird girl in the back, with boogers and glue stuck in her hair that nobody actually liked.

From the large, statewide #NoBanNoWall rally in Raleigh. Photo by Pooja Pasupula.