Jon Landue, guitarist of National Reserve. Photo by Erin Cortez.
Jon Landue, guitarist of National Reserve.
Photo by Erin Cortez.

Despite trailer car troubles, the Band of Heathens made it from Raleigh to Charlotte. The lead singer, Gordy Quist, laughed it off when he mentioned that they had to do the rest of the tour in a U-Haul when they found out their trailer car broke down.

Luckily, the Band of Heathens stole the show as they showcased a mix of their old and new songs at the Visulite Theater on Thursday, Jan 19.

The Band of Heathens played some songs from their new album, “Duende.”  Some of the songs from the album include “Cracking the Code” and “Trouble Came Early.” “Duende” is the fifth album of The Band of Heathens. It means “a quality of inspiration and passion.” The band tries to embody “duende” in every song they play. The audience can certainly see their passion and heart in the songs they play. Their high energy performances also show how much energy they put in their performance.

Band of Heathens is known for mixing rock guitar shredding skills with an Americana and Folk sound. Lead guitarist Ed Jurdi showed off his guitar shredding skills while vocalists and guitar player Gordy Quist played his acoustic guitar. Keyboardist Trevor Nealon showed off his bluesy, barrel-house piano playing skills while drummer Richard Millsap kept the high energy strong. Each band member worked together to perfect each harmony while the electric guitar added an unexpected rock and roll feel.

Ed Jurdi, vocalist and guitarist of Band of Heathens.
Ed Jurdi, vocalist and guitarist of Band of Heathens.

The audience loved it. Most of them lip-synced to the songs that they were familiar with. There was even a guy in the back who danced all night long. The whole audience were cheering on when The Band of Heathens performed their favorite songs. There was high energy in the stage and the whole venue.

“My favorite thing about them is that each band member take turns singing.” said Dale, a fan of The Band of Heathens for two years.

The National Reserve was the opening act for The Band of Heathens. National Reserve is touring with the Band of Heathens until Feb. The lead singer, Sean Walsh, looked like a country singer. He had the big hat and the jean jacket covered in patches. Sean Walsh sang along with The Band of Heathens when they performed their most popular song “Look at Miss Ohio.” Sean’s voice fit perfectly with the unique voices of The Band of Heathens.

National Reserve only has one album, called “Easy Does It.” The most popular songs of the album are “California” and “City of Angels.” The band had a more country and folk sound, the southern twang of the guitar was evident in almost every song they played. Their sound had a more laid back and relaxing feel, like something you would listen to when you are sitting on the front porch, sipping iced tea. Some of their other songs like “Trouble in My Mind,” made the audience want to dance. Their sound embodies the easy country living. Where you forget all of your problems as you listen to some country music. Their sound is definitely different with a mix of folk, country and Americana genres. National Reserve added into the magical night with The Band of Heathens.