The custom drive-through outdoor Santa Claus Land of Lights tells the “Shining Story of Rudolph.” (Spencer County Visitors Bureau)
The custom drive-through outdoor Santa Claus Land of Lights tells the “Shining Story of Rudolph.” (Spencer County Visitors Bureau)

As I’m sure many of you have experienced, often when I arrive at my home after a long day of classes, I like to unwind by watching a little television.  For many of you, this may mean you will spend a couple of hours binge-watching the latest fad on Netflix. However, since I do not own a Netflix account, this means that I am reduced to watching cable.

It really isn’t too bad. Sure, I will admit that there are a number of shows that are sub-par in quality, but it’s the same with Netflix. To be honest, a lot of the times when I want to watch something funny, I’ll turn on TV Land and watch some reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond, or I’ll catch up on some Seinfeld on local channels.  That being said, there is something I do detest about television, and for the most part, so does everyone else.

In the end, what gives television a bad name is the endless amount of commercials that constantly interrupt whatever you are watching. Although I do enjoy a few of these commercials, they are very few in number and I don’t enjoy watching them in the middle of a plot-twist of a movie on AMC. One commercial in particular that I strongly dislike is the latest K-Mart Christmas advertisement. If you don’t know the one I am referring to, watch it on youtube. It may not seem bad at first, but watch it about 300 times in a row and then get back to me.

The thing about commercials is, about 95 percent of them take no thought to write. That and the fact that 95 percent of them are extremely stupid.  Someone once told me that the more stupid a commercial is, the better – because that will make people remember the product and they are more likely to buy it. Let me tell you something – the next time I drive by a K-Mart, their annoying Christmas commercial is not going to persuade me to go in and buy something for $8 more than I could have gotten at Walmart. But perhaps that’s just me.

The point is, a big reason why people don’t watch regular television is because they hate being interrupted by irrelevant commercials. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told people canceled their Hulu accounts because of the amount of commercials. I do suppose that a number of people would rather watch Netflix because overall, their shows are better. But why do you think Netflix became a thing in the first place?  “Here, let’s sit down and watch an unlimited amount of movies and television whenever we want, without any commercials.” Sounds pretty good to me. But what do I know?  Here’s a great idea for a commercial – let’s make an Angel Soft Toilet Paper ad using popular Kentucky Fried Chicken slogans. I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy that product? “Angel Soft Toilet Paper: It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good!”