On the outskirts of Statesville, N.C. stands a small, brick building with four green lawn chairs and three black, round tables with small pumpkin decorations. A white and blue sign with black capital letters says “OPEN” as it lies above the business hours sign located inside the front door made of glass. Entering the building, the yellow concrete walls attract the attention of the naked eye as the warm and bubbly voice of Laverne Zachary fills the room. The smell of sizzling, smoked bacon also floats in the air. If you’re looking for a place for some southern home cooking, Laverne’s Southern Bistro and Bakery is the place to go.

When I arrived, I was greeted instantly and was sat at a table. The waitress was super sweet and had excellent customer service. I arrived during breakfast hours and ordered a stack of pancakes, four strips of bacon and a cup of sweet tea. After I ordered, the waitress immediately told the cook and my and meal was made to order. The food came out nice and hot just like I like it.

Now of course I didn’t just stay for breakfast, I also ate lunch. The lunch special for the day included: hamburger steak, baked sweet potatoes, black eyed-peas, cornbread and my choice of drink. This meal was only $7.49! I must say that it was delicious and I ate every single bite all the way down to the last crumb of the cornbread.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to eat dessert, but the desserts include: brownies, cakes and pies. The most popular dessert has been Laverne’s Waffle Cake. Yes it is what it sounds like! A cake that tastes like a waffle, yum!  So, whenever you have the taste for a nice home cooked meal, but you don’t really want to cook it yourself, stop by Laverne’s Southern Bistro and Bakery. Enjoy dining in at the home feel, care-free, no-stress allowed restaurant. Be sure to bring your family and friends with you to help experience this amazing place!  

Photo By Tori Summers
Photo By Tori Summers