Get the scissors, a pen and your camera out because December is right around the corner and there is far too much to do in so little time. Here I’ve narrowed it down for you to 31 things to do this month. You can start by doing one a day, or if you’re prone to being busy, plan to do a few in a day. With finals coming up this could be a good way to de-stress. So cut this bad boy out, put it in your wallet and remember to check them off as you go, and don’t forget to document it! Tweet, Instagram or post on Facebook of your adventures with the hashtag #NTDaysOfDecember.

  1. Visit The Green Christmas Tree in uptown! I know what you’re thinking, most trees are green unless they are fake and then they can sometimes be white or pink or whatever you want, but this tree is made entirely of plastic bottles. So go out snap a pic with the tree and remember Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!
  2. Donate food, blankets or clothing to the less fortunate. Anything really helps. Some people aren’t as fortunate as I hope we all are. You will be
    Photo By Leysha Caraballo
    Photo By Leysha Caraballo

    glad you did it.

  3. Dec. 3 make your way to NoDa and check out the All Arts Holiday Market.
  4. On Dec. 4 you can checkout Matthews Ballet rendition of “the Nutcracker.”
  5. Make s’mores, either over a firepit or the stove top. Don’t end a perfectly good year s’mores-less. If you’re vegan, I have good news. They make vegan marshmallows, if you’re not vegan and don’t know what marshmallows are made of… don’t look it up. I know this makes you want to look, but it might gross you out so just don’t.
  6. Go to Gingerbread Lane and cast your vote on the best gingerbread house in Charlotte
  7. Drive through Christmas at the Speedway!  It’s a 3.5 mile course of over 3 million lights and then you can walk around the Christmas Village they have set up.
  8. Go celebrate holiday fun at the Billy Graham Library.
  9. Hop aboard the train to Christmas Town! It’s a 30 minute ride along the Piedmont Northern Railway.
  10. Go check out historic homes in the Fourth Ward of Charlotte. It’s a self guided tour and you get to see beautifully decorated homes that have been standing for years.
  11. Head out to NoDa on Dec. 11 to see the Annual Tree Lighting and join in on the celebration!
  12. Try to take a picture with every UNC Charlotte statue on campus. Bonus points for somehow getting a Santa hat on it; just be careful with how you do this, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Which basically means DON’T vandalize, or you’ll get coal. Remember to hashtag this!
  13. Pay it forward and buy someone a coffee. A little act of kindness goes a very long way.
  14. Check out the Charlotte Christmas Market at Romare Bearden Park.
  15. On Dec. 15, go relish in the Winter Wonderland Light Show at Phillips Place.
  16. On Dec. 16, celebrate the end of finals with a drive to McAdenville aka Christmas Town and check out the Yule Log Festival and Parade.
  17. Go to Walmart and buy a $12 gingerbread kit I promise you won’t regret it. It comes with four little gingerbread houses and it is truly a fun thing to do with your roommates.
  18. Dec. 18 make your way to the American Made Market at Atherton Mill and Market in beautiful South End.
  19. Go to a hockey game! I swear they are so much fun. It’s just a bunch of big guys on skates slamming into each other and the walls for a little black disc. It’s intense, but awesome.
  20. What’s a holiday without Christmas movies or holiday related movies? Grab the hot chocolate and your pals and sit on down in front of the TV.
  21. Spend a whole day in your pajamas. Alright this could also apply to the holiday movies day as well, but you should definitely do it. You would be surprised how freeing it is to not have to look presentable even if it’s just for a day, plus who said pajamas can’t be cute? Head to Target for a crazy sweater or onesie.
  22. Go get your ice skating on at the Holiday on Ice, ice skating rink located at the Nascar Hall of Fame Plaza in Uptown Charlotte.
  23. Holidays at the Gardens at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.
  24. It’s Christmas Eve! In my family we celebrate Christmas on the 24th so you can find us walking around the living room in practically ball gowns just to get nice pictures. If this is the case for you, then make it your goal to photobomb at least five family members. If this is not the case for you then bake up some cookies for old Saint Nick, traveling around the world in one night is hard work!
  25. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Celebrate with your family, tear up gift wrapping, eat until you feel like your heart might give out and remember to pretend to be one of the blind mice when you walk past the dirty dishes in the sink.
  26. Dec. 26 you can watch the Menorah Lighting at Stone Crest.
  27. If you have snow anywhere nearby, make a snowman or igloo, but if you’re like most of us who don’t get to go home to snow quite yet then make a blanket fort.
  28. Attempt to eat all of your holiday leftover candy. Someone has to right? And it’s best to do it before the new year if your new year’s resolution is to eat healthier.
  29. Have a board game night/party with your family or friends!
  30. The party talk continues! Take this day to plan a New Year’s Eve party if you don’t already have plans. You’d be surprised how many people spend holidays by themselves, why not plan a last minute party. Two days in counting until the new year, drum roll please…
  31.  The day is here. In a few hours we will no longer be in 2016 and we can all mess up the year on our dates for the next three months. Think long and hard about your New Year’s resolutions and narrow it down to three so they are easier to keep. May your new year bring in wealth, beauty and many more wonderful things your way.
Angie Baquedano is the Assistant Lifestyle Editor at Niner Times. She is close to completing her Creative Writing major and Journalism Minor as an Undergraduate and hopes to one day work for The National Geographic Society. When Angie isn’t swamped with homework or working her CNA job she can be found traveling, reviewing restaurants for Charlotte Food Adventures or taking up new hobbies such as painting with oil pastels (It changes depending on what inspires her that week).