Photo by Chimena Ihebuzor.
Photo by Chimena Ihebuzor.

The members behind the annual Campus Safety Initiative has completed their report of potential safety hazards on campus after the Campus Safety Walk that occurred Nov. 10.

During these walks, volunteers, along with Campus Police, patrol areas of campus and report any incidents of what they deem to be unsafe or make recommendations on how safety in these areas could be improved.

“The SGA believes in providing a safe and accessible campus community in which our students can navigate across campus at any given time of the day, without uncertainty of their safety,” said Secretary for Student Affairs Reginald Cobbins. The secretary for student affairs is responsible for organizing the Campus Safety Walk every year.

This year, there were 90 participants in the Campus Safety Walk. Members of the student senate at UNC Charlotte volunteer every year, along with student, staff and faculty volunteers. The volunteers work with Campus Police to patrol these areas. Volunteers were split into groups and patrolled nine different zones on campus for safety hazards.

Many volunteers found similar issues in their respective zones: either lights were out or areas were dark. According to Cobbins, light outages and dark areas on campus are a reoccurring issue found during the annual Campus Safety Walks.

“Last year it seemed as if the lights were a big issue as well. Facilities management did correct a lot of those issues, including adding lights to dim areas on campus,” he said.

Volunteers also found that some of the same lights that were out last year were out again and they uncovered new poorly lit areas on campus.

In addition to reporting findings, volunteers can also make recommendations for areas on campus that would improve safety. The volunteers who patrolled the Botanical Garden noticed that it was dark and could use lights. They also recommended adding a blue light at the front of the gardens.

Once all groups have reported their findings to the secretary for student affairs, they recommendations are compiled into the official report with the findings and sent to UNC Charlotte Chancellor Philip Dubois. The report is also sent UNC Charlotte’s Campus Safety and Security Committee and the office of Facilities Management. Afterwards, the issues should be addressed.

The zones were broken down into the football stadium, the baseball field and CRI Parking lot, the Popp & Martin Student union and several resident halls, North Deck and the surrounding resident halls, Greek Village, the Botanical Gardens along with East Deck and Prospector, Fretwell and the surrounding lecture halls, the Student Activity Center and South Village.

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