Photos by Chris Crews and Leysha Caraballo.

Watching D.R.A.M can easily be described as hanging out with your hippy uncle after a holiday party. He gives you flirting tips and gives quick pep talks, telling you to “shoot your shot” and “spread love” all while single-handedly hyping you up. D.R.A.M which stands for Does. Real. Ass. Music, has made it into the music industry scoring features on Chance the Rapper’s recent “Coloring Book,” reminding people that they are special with an easy to listen to and fast to love special. He is more commonly known from his 2015 hit “Cha Cha” and more recently “Broccoli.”

Although he doesn’t have a lot of music out there, he has a great following. While he performed, girls would scream “I LOVE YOU, I CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU!” serving as D.R.A.M’s personal hype crew. With a mind boggling vocal range creating beautiful harmonies it was the best way to take minds off midterms and let go for the night. To add to an explosion of a night, D.R.A.M jumped off stage to dance with the crowd, spinning girls and making the best part of a Snapchat story. Seriously I’m still getting messages about how lit the concert looked and they’re completely right.

With the crowd laughing and dancing, we eagerly waited for the feature artist, Wale. The wait gave Niners time to look around to the people standing with them, talk to the security staff and make new friends. Wale is a rapper from D.C., holding BET Hip Hop awards for Best Club Banger and Best Collaboration, along with numerous nominations, including a Grammy nomination for “Lotus Flower Bomb.” Although he had a hurt throat, he still came out to give a good show. Obviously adored, he was gifted letters, jackets and snapbacks which he appreciatively wore during his set. With admirable audience participation he jumped off the stage and ran up the stairs through the audience multiple times and when returning to the stage, making sure to sing to the sides of the stadium, which is really dope considering more artists will only pay attention to the mosh pit standing in front of them. Overall the concert was great, there’s something about the vibe you get at concerts with excitement and the camradery of knowing that you are surrounded by people who either love the same music you love or are here to have a great time. This will not be one to forget.

After the concert, D.R.A.M. took to Twitter praising and thanking UNCC, “#UNCC was lit, thanks for the love!”  The performance at UNC Charlotte was done in anticipation of D.R.A.M.’s new album, “Big Baby D.R.A.M.” due out this Friday, Oct. 21, rounding out his already incredible debut year.  He is currently on his U.S. headlining tour, the “Spread Love Tour,” which lasts until February of next year.  Meanwhile, Wale has been riding high ever since the release of his fourth album, “The Album About Nothing” in March 2015.  He is also set to release a new album, “Shine,” later this year.