Boba or Bubble tea created in Taiwan has long been a staple drink for individuals living in Southeast Asia as well as U.S. cities with large populations of Asian-Americans. The drink consists of either a fruit-tea or milk-tea base and is usually served with various toppings. Tapioca pearls, shaped like bubbles are the usual topping of choice hence the name “bubble tea.” However, other toppings such as lychee, rainbow jelly, passion fruit jelly and popping boba are also fan-favorites. For first-time boba tryers, the drink may initially be intimidating due to its vivid colors or dark bubbles lying in the bottom of the cup. But don’t let that slight scare prevent you from trying a worldwide favorite that millions of people love. Simply think of the bubbles as jelly, the consistency is similar to that of our usual favorite gummies, and it doesn’t really taste like anything. If it’s your first time, simply try a tea in the flavor of your favorite fruit and add rainbow jelly as your topping. Rest assured; you will love it and await your next visit to explore different flavors and toppings.

Photo By Sarah Ro
Photo By Sarah Ro

For those familiar with boba, I feel your pain – finding good bubble tea in the Queen City is a challenge. Most bubble teas are simply additions to the menu at Asian restaurants or taste overly artificially sweet. But no worries, Fusion Tea has opened, and its bubble tea is the best in Charlotte. Fusion Tea located on 440 E McCollough Drive, is less than a five-minute drive from campus. It is conveniently located in the shopping complex with Shane’s Rib Shack, La Kabob Grill and Pho Real hence parking won’t be a problem. The shop has multiple tables, chairs and sofas so feel free to come on your own, with a friend or even a large group. There is a wide selection of drinks on the menu, ranging around five dollars as well as small appetizers and desserts.

The drink I tried was the Passion fruit Refresher which costs $5.25. The presentation is colorful and super cute, contained in a mason jar and loaded with toppings. The fresh and sweet drink had the distinct, delicious flavor of passion fruit and was the perfect drink to cool off with. One recommendation is to ask for less ice as they load the cup with way too much ice. Other than that, I was pleased and will continue to return to Fusion Tea.


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