There are two types of people: those who love haunted houses and those who are forced to go with the people who like the haunted houses. I, for one, love everything to do with Halloween and all the scary things that come along with it. With that being said I know how to survive a haunted house and not suffer from the effects like having nightmares after. These five steps will help those who get scared easy survive a haunted house.

1. Go with a big group

It is fine to go with just one person other than yourself or a couple others. But, the best way to avoid being super scared is to go with a large group. This not only would be more fun with more people but it is easier to hide away in the middle with a larger group. If you are in the front of your group you will most likely be more scared because all the scary things and people will pop out at you first. And if you are in the back of the group, some of the scary actors can follow you throughout the haunted tour.

2. Go with people you know

It really helps to go to a haunted house with people you are familiar with. If you go with friends or even a significant other that makes it just so much

Photo by Nicole Buckenham
Photo by Nicole Buckenham

better because then you can hold on to someone tight throughout the haunted house. Also, if you are with some people you know pretty well, that means they probably know you pretty well too. This means they know how you can be around scary situations and haunted houses so they can help you out as you go along. Lastly, the best thing about knowing who you are going to be scared with is that you won’t feel embarrassed when you are screaming and running around. Your friends are there to guide you through the haunted attraction and not make fun of you as if you went with people you are not really close with.

3. Don’t act scared

This to me is what really gets me through a haunted house. The most important thing to keep going through your head the whole time is to not act scared. This may be hard to do, but like I mentioned before, some of the actors can follow you throughout. I’ve been in a situation before where I screamed so loud it made me an easy target to a clown standing beside me. He then decided to literally follow me throughout the whole entire haunted house till the end breathing down my neck. If you want to avoid situations like this, it is best to not show your emotions. You should try to scream a little quieter, don’t run too fast and do not cover your face up. It may be hard to look at some things while going through the attraction, but sometimes the actors see that and will pop up in your face once you open your eyes. It is important to enjoy your time but do not make for an easy target.

4. Think happy thoughts

One thing I pride myself in is avoiding having nightmares after something scary. No matter what it is, a scary haunted house or a scary movie, I never seem to have any after effects. What I do to avoid this is just remind myself it is not real and think of happier things. I also like to counter-act whatever scary thing I just saw. For example, if I were going to walk through a haunted house I would make sure I do something opposite after. Maybe I would see a scary movie, hang out with friends, or maybe even play with puppies. The best thing to do out of anything though, is laugh. Funny movies are the best things to see and make sure you go do something light-hearted with your friends. Laughter really is the best medicine to anything.

5. Have fun

The last step into surviving a haunted house is to have fun. Just remember no matter how scary something can seem to be, it is all in good fun. The scary things you will experience through the haunted attraction are meant out of pure joy and not to actually scare you. Halloween only comes once a year, so the best thing to do is to enjoy it and enjoy being scared!