To kick of UNC Charlotte’s week long celebration of it’s 70 year as an institution, University officials unveiled their time capsule project Sept. 20 at the Belk Plaza.

The time capsule will be placed in the ground once renovations for the Belk Plaza begin and it will be unearthed in 2046, during the University’s centennial celebration.

The idea to have a time capsule buried on campus did not originate from a student organization, committee, Student Government Association (SGA) or any collective group of people who have some level of influence over UNC Charlotte, but from a single freshman who wanted UNC Charlotte to be remembered for how it is today.

Freshman Collin Rubin had emailed UNC Charlotte Chancellor Philip Dubois about the addition of a time capsule in the University’s 70th anniversary celebration.

Freshman Collin Rubin unveiling the UNC Charlotte time capsule. Photo by Chris Crews.
Freshman Collin Rubin unveiling the UNC Charlotte time capsule. Photo by Chris Crews.

After Rubin’s initial proposal, the project was absorbed by the SGA and a committee of University officials was appointed to oversee the time capsule.

“It honestly feels amazing to know that something this big is staying on campus because of an idea I had,” said Rubin. When he proposed the idea, Rubin included the addition of some Pride of Niner Nation Marching Band memorabilia.

Student Body President Fahn Darkor spoke at the unveiling, noting that the time capsule will be used as a looking glass into what University life was like in 2016.

“The future of UNC Charlotte is exciting and I’m honored to be here. The time capsule will serve as a reminder to those in the year 2046 of what are campus looked like and what our students looked like.”

UNC Charlotte Chancellor Philip Dubois also spoke during the ceremony, sharing a brief history of the University and commenting on some of the logistics of many of the changes that UNC Charlotte has seen in the past 10 years.

“[The time capsule is] something that we could look ahead to in the next 30 years and in 2046, take a look at what people today we’re thinking about the past of this University and the future,” said Dubois during his speech.

There is a limited time for students to submit their own ideas for additions to the time capsule. The form to submit ideas can be found on the SGA’s website. Additionally, the space available in the capsule is limited. Size and whether the item can survive in the ground for 30 years must also be considered.

Several items have already been included in the capsule. These items include, but are not limited to: a Football jersey, first official UNC Charlotte class ring, a list of registered student organizations, pictures of the University and a Goose Feather.

The plaque on the time capsule indicates “The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In honor of its 70 anniversary as an institution. 1946-2016. North Carolina’s Urban Research University. Time capsule dedicated Sept. 20, 2016 to be opened September 2046.”

Members of the UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees must first approve of the conceptual design plans before renovations on the Belk Plaza can begin. The conceptual plans were first shown during the Belk Plaza Forum in August.

The Board of Trustees will next meet in October and they will be presented with the design plans for the remodeling of the plaza.

Photo by Jenny Chompholphakdy.
Photo by Jenny Chompholphakdy.
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