The following reflects arrests, calls for service and incidents responded to by the UNC Charlotte campus Police and Public Safety Department. Incident dates run from May 24-28.

For more information on Mecklenburg County arrests, visit the Mecklenburg County Arrest Inquiry.


May 24

  • Lot 5, officer took a report of a hit and run.


May 28

  • Van Landingham Road, unknown person punched victim while victim was jogging.

Calls for Service

May 24

  • College of Health and Human Services, victim stated that while traveling with their UNC Charlotte issued laptop, it was stolen at the airport.


May 28

  • Community Garden, unknown person(s) removed a hammock from the garden area. A SBI report was completed.


May 25

  • Lot 23, officer took a report in reference to a potentially vandalized vehicle.

May 27

  • West Deck, officer took a report in reference to a possible vandalized vehicle. Victim stated that the damage occurred sometime in the afternoon the day before. The officer determined that due to the location of the vehicle area of damage and the dust and dirt that had settled on the scratches that the damage was not recent.
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