Spoiler Warning for the Season Finale of “The 100”

Eliza Taylor as Clarke -- Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Eliza Taylor as Clarke — Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

This season of “The 100” comes to an end in a thrilling episode that wraps the story up while teasing future events. A.L.I.E. and the City of Light prove to be the biggest threats that the characters have faced thus far. With the dark side growing, the characters are forced to work together in order to save everyone. Some problems do exist, but this finale is one of the series’ strongest. Shocking revelations, deaths and reunions are just a few of the exciting twists that this episode has to offer.

Following last week’s first half of the season finale, this episode picks up with Clarke using an EMP to remove the chip from Abby’s head in the throne room. Abby is successfully removed from the City of Light, allowing for a long-awaited reunion with Clarke. Abby tearfully apologizes for everything that she did while under the control of A.L.I.E., but Clarke immediately responds by telling her that she isn’t to blame for everything that has happened. After so much heartbreak and devastation this season, a reunion between Clarke and Abby is a definite highlight that evokes emotion from the characters and viewers. With Abby back in action, Clarke explains that she is going to insert the flame in herself. Because Clarke is not a Nightblood, Abby uses supplies from Mount Weather to connect Clarke and brain-dead Ontari together to transfuse the nightblood into Clarke’s body. This procedure allows Clarke’s body to accept the flame without killing her. At the same time, A.L.I.E.’s minions (including Kane and Jaha) begin climbing up the Polis tower to retrieve the flame from Clarke. This predicament pushes the still sane characters to make a stand in the throne room.

With the blood transfusion going on, Murphy recites the activation code and inserts the flame into Clarke’s neck. She screams in pain before temporarily losing consciousness. Clarke awakens and shares with Murphy and Abby that she no longer feels any pain. Clarke realizes that she must enter the City of Light in order to locate and flip the kill switch to A.L.I.E.’s system; Clarke isn’t sure how she came to this realization, but mostly connects it to the power of the flame. She then takes a chip and enters the eerie City of Light; skyscrapers and empty streets make up this new world that Clarke has stepped into. Clarke makes her way to a busier part of the city and begins noticing the famous infinity symbol. As Clarke wanders through the city, she quickly realizes that the citizens cannot see her. She also stumbles upon Jasper, smiling and eating an ice cream cone. The dream-like feel of the city takes a drastic turn as Ontari starts to crash in the real world; this means that Clarke is not receiving enough of the nightblood and therefore her body is rejecting the flame. In the City of Light, Clarke weakens and the flame’s protection of her lessens.

Meanwhile, in Arkadia, Monty sneaks up behind Jasper, who meticulously urges Raven to give up on her search of the kill switch. Monty heroically rescues Harper by shooting Jasper in the leg; Raven responds by humorously saying “good thing there’s no pain in the City of Light.” Raven returns to the computer and continues exploring A.L.I.E.’s code before realizing that Clarke is in the city. She examines Clarke’s code and compares her presence to a virus that has infiltrated the system. Because of this, A.L.I.E. doesn’t have control over Clarke like she does of the other citizens.

In the City of Light, Clarke struggles to stay standing as her real world counterpart loses control. Two men pursue Clarke as she collapses on a flight of stairs. Suddenly, Lexa appears with two swords and saves Clarke by killing the attackers. A simple smile at Clarke from Lexa and a declaration that “our fight is not over” is enough to cause viewers to cheer. Lexa reassures Clarke by telling her “I told you my spirit would choose wisely.” Lexa leads Clarke through the city as the sky turns dark; a clever manipulation by A.L.I.E. as the system update installs. Clarke and Lexa share a kiss before Clarke looks at her father’s watch that is counting down, leaving them with just ten minutes to locate the kill switch before the system update is complete. Clarke and Lexa notice a little girl with the infinity symbol on her back riding a bike and decide to follow her.

In the real world, Clarke’s body continues to seize due to the lack of nightblood she is receiving. Abby comes up with a plan of manually pumping Ontari’s heart in order to allow the nightblood to flow into Clarke’s body. After cracking open Ontari’s chest, Abby enlists Murphy to the disgusting task of pumping Ontari’s heart with his hand. Murphy initially protests, but quickly agrees after realizing just how dire the situation is; Murphy’s usual humor is present as well. Outside, the mindless minions continue to scale the tower. However, only the Commander’s bedroom window will provide access to the secured floor. Octavia and Pike make a stand in the bedroom as the chipped soldiers begin piling in. Rather than fighting, Octavia uses her sword to slash Pike’s leg before leaving him to be attacked. While this is an understandable move from Octavia, her poor choice of timing is problematic. This is not the time for revenge and Bellamy calls her out on this. Bellamy tells Octavia that his anger and desire for revenge led him to the dark side. This represents a much-needed development for Bellamy’s character, who has truly struggled with grief this season.

Pike is able to escape the room and join Octavia and Bellamy, who use furniture to block the doors. This barricade doesn’t hold for long and the soldiers make their way in, but quick thinking from the group slows them down. Octavia stands in a water-filled hallway and asks where Indra is. Kane explains that Indra is on a cross outside for refusing to take a chip. Octavia jumps onto a box as her group throw their stun guns into the water, electrocuting Kane and the others. Back in the City of Light, the little girl leads Clarke and Lexa to a fence, which Lexa explains is a firewall that is meant to prevent them from getting to the kill switch. Jasper arrives and tries to persuade Clarke to stay in the city and to stop trying to destroy A.L.I.E., but Clarke responds by listing the atrocities that have been committed in order to recruit people to the city. Jaha and an army of chipped soldiers arrive, leaving Clarke and Lexa cornered. Raven’s expert skills come into play as she creates a vault door near Clarke and Lexa. Lexa tells Clarke that she will fight the attackers off, but Clarke doesn’t want to leave Lexa again. Before heading off to fight, Lexa tells Clarke “I’ll always be with you.” Lexa heroically holds off the mindless followers as Clarke enters the vault and meets Becca; the vault is actually Polaris, still in orbit. The brief return of Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa is thrilling and emotional. Becca tells Clarke that the second version of A.L.I.E. has merged with Clarke’s mind, but Clarke is still in control. While this entire sequence is confusing, the tone is vastly different from anything seen on this show before.

Becca shows Clarke the kill switch, but A.L.I.E. appears and urges Clarke not to flip the switch. A.L.I.E. explains that the remaining nuclear power plants on Earth have begun melting down and releasing radiation into the atmosphere. The City of Light is the only remaining option that A.L.I.E. believes can be used to save the human race. In less than six months, approximately ninety-six percent of Earth’s surface will be unable to support life. Becca urges Clarke to flip the switch, claiming A.L.I.E. is just stalling to allow the system update to complete. Both Becca and Clarke call A.L.I.E. out on her methods of relocating people to the City of Light, but A.L.I.E. declares that she had very limited options. As Clarke struggles to make a decision, the throne room becomes a battle zone as everyone tries to defend Clarke’s body. Kane holds Bellamy down and chokes him as Pike saves Octavia from one of the soldiers. Abby shoots Grounders, but Jackson begins making his way toward her. After more begging from A.L.I.E., Clarke finally decides to flip the kill switch. This is eerily reminiscent of the second season finale when Clarke was forced to flip a switch to save her friends; the citizens of Mount Weather were killed because of this choice made by Clarke. In the throne room, the fighting stops as Kane and the others return to their normal state. Jaha cries, Abby comforts Kane and Monty comforts Jasper. Murphy removes the flame from Clarke before reuniting with Emori. Octavia stares at Pike before shoving her sword straight through his body; while I wasn’t necessarily ready to see him go, it is definitely fitting that Octavia is the one who gets to kill Pike. While the final sequence of the episode is thrilling to watch, the entire City of Light storyline comes to an end without claiming the lives of any of the major characters or having any majorly devastating consequences. Regardless, both A.L.I.E. and Pike proved to be frightening and maddening antagonists that tested the survivors.

This season of “The 100” is a rollercoaster ride of emotion that saw the deaths of two key characters, Lexa and Lincoln. While the end is a bit anti-climactic, the overall story this season has been some of the show’s best material. The characters have truly become hardened warriors and their relationships are continually being tested and pushed to their limits. Heading into season four, many questions hang over viewers’ heads. What, if anything, can be done about the impending nuclear meltdown? Is there a hidden bunked somewhere (similar to Mount Weather) or is this really the end of the world? Who will be the next Commander? Will Luna return or will Clarke have to assume this role? Season four doesn’t have an air date yet, but until then, fans will be pondering these questions and more.

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