Spoiler Warning for this week’s episode of “The 100”

Eliza Taylor as Clarke and Zachary McGowan as Roan -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW
Eliza Taylor as Clarke and Zachary McGowan as Roan — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

The finale to “The 100’s” darkest season yet has finally arrived and with it comes a whole new sense of danger. The threat of the City of Light is at an all-time high as Clarke and the others struggle to discover a solution. After a few missteps, this first half of the season finale expertly begins to tie everything up.

Following the failed mission to recruit Luna to the fight, Clarke’s group make their way back to Arkadia. While waiting for their rover to charge up, Clarke shares her desire to search nearby Grounder villages for a Nightblood. Octavia immediately shoots this idea down, claiming the high possibility that A.L.I.E. will be following them. Clarke wanders off into the forest to clear her head; one of A.L.I.E.’s minions stalks her. Suddenly, King Roan of the Ice Nation appears and saves Clarke. Roan wants the Flame, but obviously Clarke refuses to turn it over to him. Bellamy arrives and holds Roan at gunpoint and Clarke decides that they must work together to put the Flame in Ontari. Bellamy, worried that Roan may be chipped, decides to shoot him in the shoulder. Roan grimaces in pain, proving that he is not in the City of Light. This is just one of many cases of characters being forced to work together to defeat a common enemy.

The group, along with Roan, arrive in Arkadia and share a new plan with Raven. Being that Ontari is the only known Nightblood remaining, Clarke explains a plan of removing her chip and implanting the Flame. With tactical gear from Mount Weather, Clarke and the others prepare to leave for Polis. Raven hands over an armband that will be used to short-circuit Ontari’s chip. She also tells Clarke to radio in A.L.I.E.’s kill-code as soon as Ontari provides it. Just outside of Polis, Roan declares that he needs the Flame in order to make his role as bait more believable. Clarke, refusing to leave the Flame, decides to act as Roan’s prisoner. With bloodstained streets and the mindless City of Light citizens kneeling in the streets, Clarke and Roan make their way to the Polis tower. Roan reveals the Flame and asks for Ontari, but Jaha appears and orders Roan to hand over Clarke and the Flame. He also tells Clarke and Roan that their friends won’t be able to save them. Roan tells Clarke to run, but Kane arrives and shoots Roan as Clarke is taken as a prisoner. Will Roan survive or is he yet another victim of the madness A.L.I.E. has created?

Over in Arkadia, Jasper and Monty search for a motherboard that will help Raven gain access to A.L.I.E.’s system. A surprisingly upbeat Jasper takes a few moments to make amends with Jasper, however, this is quickly revealed to be just a charade. Suddenly, Jasper uses a screwdriver to stab Monty directly in the abdomen. A.L.I.E. appears, revealing the fact that Jasper was chipped at some point and used to infiltrate Arkadia and spy on the group’s plans. Monty is able to escape from Jasper with the motherboard and lock himself and Raven in the computer room. Raven panics and tries to radio Clarke after realizing that A.L.I.E. knows the group’s entire plan; the radio wires have been cut, leaving Raven with no way to communicate with the others. Unfortunately, Harper is on guard duty and did not make it into the computer room. Monty tries to distract Jasper by asking him why he took the chip. He explains that he didn’t want Luna’s oil platform community to be destroyed; after being tempted by the City of Light chip all season, Jasper finally gave in. Later in the episode, Harper arrives at the locked doors and asks to be let into the computer room. Jasper sneaks up and knocks Harper out before proceeding to hold her at gunpoint and giving Raven and Monty an ultimatum; destroy the computer or Harper will be killed. What choice will Raven and Monty make in this impossible situation?

At the top of the Polis tower, Clarke is reunited with Abby, who is still chipped. Abby demands that Clarke share the Flame’s passcode, but Clarke refuses. Clarke is tied up and Abby begins using a knife to torture her in an attempt to gain the passcode. Abby tells A.L.I.E. that torture will not work with Clarke and proposes threatening her loved ones instead. Bellamy, Octavia, Miller and Bryan are rescued by Pike, Indra and Murphy after being captured by several guards. Octavia is furious to learn that Indra is working with Pike, especially after the murder of Lincoln. Bellamy tells Octavia that they all must work together in order to stop A.L.I.E. and Jaha. Murphy and Bellamy enter the elevator while Pike, Miller and Bryan work together to turn the elevator’s crank. On the ground floor, Indra speaks to Octavia about Pike and reassures Octavia’s place among the Grounders. Suddenly, Kane arrives and shoots Pike and Bryan before Indra is able to knock him out.

With Pike and Bryan injured, the elevator stops before reaching the top. Several guards force the doors open and attack Murphy and Bellamy; they are able to fight the guards off, except for one lone fighter. Miller sets off an explosion that prevents any more guards from gaining access to their location. The elevator continues moving as the remaining guard chokes Murphy. Bellamy has no other choice, but to shoot the guard in the head to save Murphy. This action goes against Bellamy’s original rule of not killing any of the guards as they are not the true enemy. The elevator reaches the top floor, prompting the team on the ground floor to blow up the elevator controls and begin climbing up the shaft. Before the explosive goes off, however, Kane regains consciousness and Indra pushes him out of the proximity of the explosion. This demonstrates Indra’s care and deep friendship with Kane.

In the throne room, Abby stands on a bucket and places her head through a noose. This is yet another tactic used by A.L.I.E. in order to force Clarke to give up. Clarke begs for Abby to break free from the grasp of the City of Light, but Abby steps off the bucket and dangles. Murphy and Bellamy storm into the throne room as Jaha hits Ontari across the head with a staff. Murphy manages to cut Abby down, while Bellamy tends to Ontari. Clarke is released from her bonds and scrambles to remove the chip from Ontari. After examining her pupils, Clarke deduces that Ontari is brain dead and cannot be used to defeat A.L.I.E. anymore. The entire final sequence is incredibly intense and full of pulse-pounding action that leaves the fates of several characters a mystery.

“Perverse Instantiation- Part One” is a thrilling start to the conclusion of this season of “The 100.” With gripping character development and chaotic action sequences, this season finale is off to an incredible start. Many questions linger as the second part of the finale nears; did Indra and Kane survive the explosion? What will the fate of Harper be? Will Raven be the one to stop A.L.I.E.? This episode serves as further proof that “The 100” is absolutely a must-watch series. Be sure to tune in to the season finale’s second part next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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