Spoiler Warning for this week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead”

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark and Daniel Zovatto as Jack. (Photo courtesy of Peter Iovino/AMC.)
Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark and Daniel Zovatto as Jack. (Photo courtesy of Peter Iovino/AMC.)

With two of their fellow survivors being held hostage, the characters of “Fear the Walking Dead” are pushed harder than ever as the harshness of the world becomes clear. Tensions runs high on both land and sea, showcasing the danger of other humans. “Captive” is yet another thrilling chapter that perfectly develops the characters and story.

The episode begins with Alicia in a kitchen with Connor, who is cooking an elaborate meal. Connor politely offers Alicia a plate of steak and vegetables before heading out to repair a generator. Vida appears and steals Alicia’s meal before leaving and locking Alicia in the room. Alicia finds an unlocked exit and steps out onto the deck of a massive dry-docked ship in a port. Jack approaches Alicia on the deck and warns her against wandering away. Jack brings Alicia back inside the ship where she demands information about Travis and the rest of her family. Last episode, Alicia and Travis were taken away when the Abigail was still under the control of Reed. Connor gave Reed orders to dispose of Madison and the others before bringing the yacht to port. Therefore, Alicia is unaware that Madison and the others were able to regain control of the Abigail. This creates a heightened sense of urgency for Alicia to escape.

On the Abigail, Daniel tries to get information out of Reed, who still has a crowbar through his abdomen. Reed taunts and threatens Daniel and Chris, who is also present. Daniel learns that Connor has several men and boats and is also Reed’s brother. Daniel exits the cabin and leaves Chris to watch over Reed. In the wheelhouse, a still-recovering Strand lays on a couch while Daniel shares what he has learned with Madison. They locate Connor’s location on the radar and Madison begins sailing for it. Luis enters the wheelhouse and demands that Madison turn the boat around. Madison refuses and Strand quickly backs her up, highlighting a shift in Strand’s character. Luis speaks to Strand in Spanish about the lack of funds available to get everyone on board the Abigail across the border into Mexico; Strand tells Luis that they’ll figure it out later. Daniel lectures Madison on the importance of allowing the teenagers to contribute, claiming that they are no longer children in this new world. This episode also showcases a shift in Daniel’s character, who seems to be moving past his “us and them” mentality towards a more inclusive caring nature.

On the docked ship, Travis wakes up in a holding cell below deck. He tries to pick a lock, but a woman appears and approaches him; the woman is revealed to be Alex, the survivor of Flight 462 that was last seen in “Ouroboros.” Alex shares with Travis that she was forced to put Jake, the other survivor, out of his misery after their supplies were exhausted. Connor later rescued her from the raft and allowed her to join his group; she shared the location of the Abigail as a way of proving her worth and to gain some semblance of revenge after Strand cut her loose from the yacht. There is an interesting conversion that Travis has with Alex about his responsibility for what happened; Travis apologizes to Alex before she leaves. The reintroduction of Alex was handled nicely and establishes her character as one of the more harsh and strong survivors.

Much of this episode shows Alicia struggling to trust Jack, who has clearly demonstrated his untrustworthy nature thus far. Alicia notices on the radar that the Abigail is rapidly approaching her location. She lashes out at Jack in a fit of fear and anger after realizing that her family may not be safe. Jack and Alicia develop a plan to escape from Connor’s base and search for Madison and the others. Alicia briefly reunites with Travis, who tells her to leave without him and get to safety. The survival learning curve that characters must undergo is clearly showcased in this episode as Alicia realizes that trusting strangers has dire consequences. Throughout the episode, it isn’t entirely clear if Alicia is simply using Jack or has real feelings for him. I still have faith that Alicia will be able to fully prove her intelligence later on in the season.

Jesse McCartney as Reed and Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar. (Photo courtesy of Peter Iovino/AMC.)
Jesse McCartney as Reed and Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar. (Photo courtesy of Peter Iovino/AMC.)

Back on the Abigail, Madison speaks with Connor over the radio to negotiate the safe return of Travis and Alicia in exchange for Reed. Connor agrees to meet with Madison only, on one of the docks. Suddenly, a gunshot can be heard from below deck. Chris, with a shaken demeanor and a gun in his hands, slowly backs out of the cabin that Reed was being held in. The group discovers Reed dead with a bloody gunshot wound on the side of his face. Madison comforts Chris while Nick and Ofelia clean up the mess; Luis vocally proclaims that the hostage exchange will no longer be possible. Throughout the episode, Reed is shown to be taunting Chris about his outsider role among the group. Chris has shown this season that he is perfectly willing and able to kill other humans, therefore, him killing Reed makes perfect sense. Reed reanimates (Chris likely missed Reed’s brain when he shot him) and lunges at Nick and Ofelia. Daniel rushes in and pushes the Infected against the wall, pinning him with the crowbar. Daniel realizes that Reed can still be used in the exchange, even though he is an Infected. He places a bag over Reed’s head and begins hearing a strange voice that tells him to “take the gun.” Are Daniel’s actions starting to catch up with him? Who is the source of this mysterious voice?

Madison takes off on the Zodiac with Reed, but not before Nick offers to go in her place. This episode once again represents Nick’s good nature; from offering his assistance to comforting Chris, Nick is absolutely my favorite character of the series. Jack searches for Alicia, who gets into a physical confrontation with Vida in the ship’s holding cell before locking her in. On the dock, Madison pushes a still covered Reed over to Connor as Travis is returned to her. Connor removes Reed’s hood and is instantly bitten on the arm; Infected Reed also attacks one of Connor’s men. Alicia spots Madison and Travis from an open deck on the stern of the ship. Jack corners her and pleads for her to leave with him. Alicia jumps off the ship and is pulled into the Zodiac raft by Travis and Madison; the episode ends as they sail back to the Abigail. The confrontation with Connor’s group ended much earlier than I expected, however, I also believe we may see Jack, Alex and Vida again in the future. I am also not completely convinced that Connor is dead; Connor seems smart enough to realize that amputation can sometimes save a bite victim from dying. If this group does return, will they be out for vengeance?

“Captive” is a game-changing episode for the characters as everyone is beginning to realize that they must give up part of their humanity in order to survive. It’s worth noting that the episode’s title has multiple meanings; not only are Travis and Alicia being held captive, but the characters are beginning to realize that they are captive in this new world and no one will be coming to save them. One negative that I have with this season is the sudden insistence that other humans are more dangerous than the Infected. While humans are obviously incredibly dangerous, it would be nice to see the threat of the Infected become more prominent. The looming question heading into the next episode is will Luis and Strand be able to get everyone in the group over the border into Mexico? Loyalty and trust will definitely be put to the test as the mid-season finale nears. Be sure to tune in to “Fear the Walking Dead” next Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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