Trading in their drivers and wedges in favor of putters with neon green grips and balls that look as though they could glow in the dark are golfers Thomas Rowland and Seth Gandy.  The two came out to the Paradise Lost putt putt course to allow us to learn more about the golfers and the sport they love.

When did you start playing golf?

Seth: I started out at about three to four years old playing sports, basketball, football, baseball.  Once it came time to choose a sport, I choose golf.  I lived on a golf course so I was out there every day practicing.  My dad was the one who got me really playing golf.

Thomas: I started when I was nine years old, my granddad got me into it.  He would pick me up from school every Tuesday night and we would go to a golf course.  It started out as fun and then I became competitive.

Who is your favorite golfer?

S: Probably Phil Mickelson because I’m left-handed and he’s pretty much the only left-hander that is good.

T:  I like a lot of the Europeans because I’m from Europe, so like Rory Mcllroy.  I really liked Tiger Woods growing up, he was the big guy.  My sporting heroes come from other sports really which is quite strange.

What is your go-to movie?

S: I like the Hunger Games, that’s a good series.

T: The Holiday, it’s my go-to movie, I like chick-flicks.

What was the worst tournament experience you have ever had?

S: This spring we were at a tournament and we went to this Japanese steak house and we just had steak and rice and chicken. I ended up getting food poisoning that was not very fun. A lot of throwing up, it wasn’t enjoyable.

T: I had my clubs in a push car once, it was an electric trolley and they were going towards a lake.  I let my trolley just run off because it had a thing on it where it goes for 25 yards and it stops automatically.  It’s going towards this lake, and I’m walking to the green with my putter like nothing is a problem.  Literally a couple of the guys I was playing with were like ‘that thing is not going to stop’ because it was about to hit a down slope.  I sprinted over as fast as I could, but all of my clubs – everything was in the lake before I could catch it.  I had to stand there, my group had to wait for me for 40 minutes, while I dried off all my grips, and everything was soaked.

What does a typical Friday night look like for you?

S: It depends on what is going on the next day.  If we have the day off we get together and have a good time.  If we have practice or if we’re playing the next day we just chill out.

T: My Friday night is a tossup between going out and getting in my jammies with a cup of tea, a movie, and a big blanket. It’s either go all out or nothing at all.

If you were being played in a movie, who would you want to play you?

S: Matt Damon, for sure like from the Bourn movies.

T: Jude Law because I like the Holiday so much and he’s such a good looking guy.

What is the best lesson you have learned from golf?

S: Patience is key when you’re playing golf and I think when you’re playing at your best you’re extremely patient and you never get too down or upset about anything.

T: Never give up. You learn a lot of big lessons from years and years of dedicating our life to a sport.  It helps you mature as a person.

What is your favorite golf memory from Charlotte?

S: We were playing in Myrtle Beach and Tom here thought there were sharks swimming around in the golf course in the lake. That was pretty funny.

What was weirdest thing you believed as a kid?

T: I used to swim a lot and at the bottom of the pool at the deep end they had a cage type thing. I always would do my tumble turns at the end, I always used to think sharks would come and get me.  Whenever I would swim, even in races, I would think that sharks were going to come get me so I swam extra quick.  I honestly got really scared numerous times.




Kathleen Cook is the sports editor of the Niner Times and from Wake Forest, North Carolina. When the junior communication major/journalism minor isn't covering the 49ers, she enjoys spending time with her family, friend, and dog. Kathleen can also be found cheering on the Panthers every Sunday and rooting for the Washington Nationals.