Just over two years have passed since Victoria Pahlett boarded a plane from Sweden bound for Charlotte. Looking back, she has zero regrets.

Earlier in her career, the recognized Swede ranked among the top 10 juniors in her age group nationally and earned a top 40 ranking in the seniors category across Sweden. Pahlett held numerous options at the next level after fulfilling her requirements at ProCivitis, one of the most prominent upper secondary schools in the south of Sweden, but in the end chose Charlotte. Pahlett joined the team and enrolled in the university in the Spring of 2014.

With minimal experience at the collegiate level, Pahlett smashed her way into Charlotte’s No. 1 singles position and maintained the role for three consecutive seasons. The junior continues to climb the 49ers’ all-time career singles record list at the No. 1 and has positioned herself within striking distance of the top spot moving into her senior season.

While Pahlett aspired to further her tennis career in Charlotte, she also embraced the role of a student and has proven why she’s victorious in more ways than one.

Victoria Pahlett. Photo by Benjamin Robson
Victoria Pahlett. Photo by Benjamin Robson

How did you get involved with tennis living in Sweden?

I started playing tennis when I was three years old. My dad was really successful and I have two older brothers who used to play and I always grew up playing with them.

What brought you to Charlotte, what did you fall in love with here at the university?

I had a lot of options but this was the only option that started in January. I loved the campus when I came to visit and it seemed like a really nice environment. That determined why I ended up here. I like it here!

You’ve been tabbed the “Perfect Niner” for you 4.0 GPA in each of your semesters here at Charlotte, how do you keep everything balanced?

I’m just a very driven person. If I feel if I don’t reach my full potential not getting an A, I’ll go for the A. In general I feel that I always aim for the highest in case I don’t reach it, I’m a little disappointed but still I feel I have the potential to reach it.

Rumor has it that you’re an entrepreneur and you have your own business back home in Sweden?

Yes, I do.

Victoria Pahlett looks on during a match at Halton-Wagner Tennis Complex. Photo by Benjamin Robson
Victoria Pahlett looks on during a match at Halton-Wagner Tennis Complex. Photo by Benjamin Robson

What is your business?

It’s fashion. It began with bracelets. I’m not going to reveal too much but in the summer, I’m going to go back home and work on it more when I have more time. It’s fun and more like a brand. I started it in the Fall of 2013 before I came here [Charlotte].

Are you able to keep up with it here in the United States?

It’s hard to do both, school and tennis plus keep up with it, so I’m prioritizing. I don’t think I’d do a good job keeping up with it all at the same time but I have people helping me back home. I’m trying to keep it where it is right now and then we’ll see.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

My biggest challenge is myself. I’m so hard on myself and sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. You can’t be perfect in everything you do. Then mentally, it’s tough to always stay on top but I try to always stay positive and happy.

Victoria Pahlett sets herself before showing off her backhand. Photo by Benjamin Robson
Victoria Pahlett sets herself before showing off her backhand. Photo by Benjamin Robson

What motivates you to keep going and pursuing your goal?

Just someday to reach my goals. I feel like being done with school next year and leaving with a great degree. I want to fulfill my other dreams beyond tennis afterwards.

How often do you go back home?

I go back home over the summer and during winter break.

You’ve travelled the world quite a bit, what has been your worst travel experience?

I have been around the world a lot but I think it was the food in China. It was a rough trip. I loved seeing all of China and their culture but when it came to food, it was tough. I’m a very plain person when it comes to food and I struggled a lot!

Where do you see yourself after tennis?

I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to have my own business but I want to give tennis a shot for a year or so after I graduated. I want to see what kind of ranking I can obtain because in Sweden, either you go pro or you quit. There’s no in between like here. But, I want to give it a try and if it doesn’t work out, I think I have other options for myself.

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