Photo by John Lineberger
Photo by John Lineberger

“Modern Romance: An Investigation” is a book written by comedy star Aziz Ansari. It was published on June 16, 2015.

There’s been a string of new books and novels written recently by popular comedians and YouTube celebrities. Just in the past year or so we’ve had releases from Mindy Kaling, Tyler Oakley, Zoe Suggs and soon to be Amy Schumer. Unlike those, Ansari decided not write an autobiographical story, but rather explore a topic that has deeply interested him for years: romance in the modern world.

So, what is it about?      

Inspired partly by one of Ansari’s own recent relationships, “Modern Romance” is an investigation into the way we deal with romantic relationships now and how they compare with the past. It is broken down into an introduction and seven chapters. In chapter one, “Searching for Your Soulmate,” Ansari and his crew visit a retirement home and discuss how finding and the need to find, your one true love is so different now than it was 50, 70, 80 years ago. From there, the chapters cover many subjects such as how we go about asking someone out, online dating and how its moved into the mainstream, the overwhelming amount of choices that have become available, how love is different abroad in Tokyo, Paris and Buenos Aires, Argentina the rise of sexting, cheating, breakups and finally settling down. “Modern Romance” tells many personal stories and constantly refers to the past while discussing the present in order to visualize the bridge we have crossed over the years.

So, is it any good?

I can safely say that this is the best “science” book I have ever read in my life. It’s short, compactly written and Ansari’s humor is lightly spread into every page. I found every chapter subject to blow my expectations away with surprising information and things I never thought about. Who knew Japan’s population is plummeting due to the overt popularity of sex toys and a new generation of men being called “herbivores?” Who knew that Buenos Aires, Argentina is the most “sexually aggressive” city in the world, or that we even had a ranking for that? Before this book, I had never put into perspective the idea I could make an OkCupid account online and have thousands of people to aimlessly swipe through, whereas for my grandfather, it was really just the girl next door or somewhere down the street. I had thought about, but not yet absorbed the idea that young women used to care much less about love and compatibility and much more about practical sense.

If the process, history or hilarious short stories about finding a romantic partner is something that has ever interested you, then I think this book could be a perfect match. I highly recommend it to everyone and hopen it sees a lot more sales, as the information is truly eye opening.

You can buy “Modern Romance: An Investigation” on Amazon,, Barnes & Noble and most other major booksellers.

5 / 5

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