Spoiler Warning for this week’s episode of “The 100”

Ricky Whittle as Lincoln. (Photo courtesy of The CW)
Ricky Whittle as Lincoln. (Photo courtesy of The CW)

Conflicts come to a head in one of the most intense episodes of “The 100” to date. While intense, this episode suffers from a wide variety of problems, many of which are present in other episodes this season. Many of the problems surround the characters and their actions, or lack thereof. However, numerous engrossing developments are made in regards to the various storylines.

Following the controversial ending last week, this episode focuses on life in Arkadia under Pike’s dictatorship. Two Grounder warriors arrive at the main gate to announce the blockade army surrounding the camp. They also tell Pike to turn himself in to the Grounders or else harsh consequences will be placed on the Skaikru. Bellamy refuses to acknowledge the threat and immediately shoots the two warriors, leaving everyone, including Pike, surprised. Pike rallies his corrupted followers into spying on the citizens of Arkadia to find out who is part of the underground rebellion. Monty is put in charge of the surveillance efforts; this is one of the major problems of the episode. Why is Monty betraying his friends and putting everyone he cares about in danger? Monty and Pike are both from the Farm Station, but there has been almost no development of his character that would explain his sudden turn against his friends, whom he has been surviving with since landing on the ground. Monty does show some guilt, but proceeds anyway. This is one of many cases where the characters act vastly different than normal.

Arkadia’s insurgent group is led by Kane and includes Miller and Harper. Abby is completely absent from this episode without any explanation whatsoever; considering she was a vocal voice against Pike’s leadership, her absence is strange. Kane, Miller and Harper discuss what can be done to stop Pike. Harper proposes a violent approach, but Kane opposes. Kane and Pike meet and the two discuss the Grounder’s demand; Kane attempts to persuade Pike into turning himself in, but Pike mentions Finn as an example of how negotiating with the Grounders leads nowhere. Later, Pike shares a fake plan with his close allies to trick the insurgents. This fake plan involves planting mines in a field to kill a large number of Grounders. Kane unknowingly falls into the trap by enlisting Sinclair into sabotaging one of Pike’s rovers. Sinclair is immediately caught by Bellamy, who arrests him and charges him with treason. Sinclair is taken to the ever-growing prison where he meets with Lincoln, who he tells to prepare for an escape. The underground rebellion aspect of the episode is truly fascinating. Seeing Kane in a very different leadership position creates a compelling dynamic.

Kane and Bellamy secretly meet where they both try to persuade each other to join the “right side.” Kane pleads for Bellamy to understand that the real threat is inside Arkadia with Pike rather than outside with the Grounders. At the prison, Lincoln pretends to attack Sinclair to set in motion a large plan. Guards rush into the prison cell and chaos erupts as the prisoners brutally attack the guards. Meanwhile, Pike confronts Kane about his involvement in the rebel group. Kane shock lashes Pike and throws him in the back of a rover to leave Arkadia and deliver him to the Grounders. Monty overhears Kane’s plan and alerts Bellamy that the prison riot is simply a distraction to allow Kane to escape. Bellamy makes his way to the front gate and manages to stop Kane before he can escape. The execution of the rebel plan was intense and action-packed. Unfortunately, Bellamy’s actions only further my increasing dislike of his character; Bellamy began the season as one of my favorites. Kane is instantly arrested and sentenced to death under the far outdated rules of the Ark’s Exodus Charter. Bellamy finally shows some sense of his true character as he asks Pike if they are going too far. Will Kane be able to escape his death sentence?

While the chaos of Pike’s leadership consumes much of the story, Raven and her relationship with the City of Light is also explored. Jaha tells Raven that more people need to be brought over to the City to help find the second version of A.L.I.E. Unfortunately for Jaha, the machine used to make the pills has been confiscated and stored in Pike’s office. Raven recruits Jasper to help retrieve the machine; being that Monty is the head of security, Raven believes Jasper’s friendship with Monty will be beneficial to their efforts. Jasper uses his knowledge of Monty’s interests to crack his passcode to Pike’s office. In the office, Jasper shares that the current situation reminds him of the predicament with Finn. Raven appears puzzled at the mention of her former boyfriend, similar to Jaha’s confusion at the mention of his deceased son. This development establishes memory loss as a side-effect of the City of Light. Thankfully, Raven is able to resist pleas from A.L.I.E. to focus on the mission at hand; Raven realizes that the City of Light is not the utopia that she initially thought it was. Raven’s aspect of the episode is a major highlight, as her strength is put on full display. Now that Raven has broken free, how will she fight against A.L.I.E. and Jaha?

“Terms and Conditions” is much weaker than its predecessors this season. Raven’s storyline, along with the action sequences and underground rebel aspect are definite highlights. However, the inconsistencies with numerous characters is frustrating. The absence of Clarke, especially after the shocking death of Lexa, is rather odd, but allows for developments in other storylines. As Pike continues to grow more unhinged, will anyone be able to save our characters from a costly war with the Grounders? Tune in to “The 100” when it returns on March 31 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Jeffrey Kopp is the Community Editor of the Niner Times. He is a senior double majoring in Communication and Political Science. His interests include writing and keeping up with an excessive amount of television shows. He is also the go-to expert on all things “The Walking Dead."