Fahn Darkor, a junior Marketing major from Greensboro, N.C. , is one of UNC Charlotte’s student body presidential candidates. Darkor’s running mate is Carrie Nowell.

Darkor first thought about running for student body president last semester after hearing alleged comments from the Student Organizations Office that created a divide in the student body.

Student Body Presidential candidate Fahn Darkor. Photo by Claire Dodd.
Student Body Presidential candidate Fahn Darkor. Photo by Claire Dodd.

“UNC Charlotte started turning a certain way that tore apart students and for incoming students, it wasn’t that welcoming,” said Darkor.

Nowell and Darkor have been working together for three years now and want to continue that strong bond and teamwork they’ve accumulated in order to effectively lead the student body.

“She can tell when I’m overwhelmed and I can tell when she is stressed. So we’re in tune with one another,” said Darkor. In regards to what they value the most as student body leaders, it’s the number and quality of opportunities UNC Charlotte offers its students.

Over the past three years, Darkor has committed to various leadership positions across campus.

“It’s placed me outside of my comfort zone, forced me to do things I didn’t expect for myself and given me so many opportunities and grow in so many ways,” said Darkor.

He worked as an Orientation Counselor in 2014, won Homecoming Prince in 2015, is Secretary for the Black Student Union, is the Visual Arts Coordinator for New Student and Family Services and is a member of Collegiate 100.

“You can really be who you want to be [at UNC Charlotte],” said Darkor. “There’s not just one campus culture. We embrace our differences and all the different people and we can be okay with that. There’s no stereotypical Niner.”

Darkor’s favorite quote correlates with the idea of being different and embracing diversity. “Trust yourself, think for yourself, act for yourself, speak for yourself, be yourself, imitation is suicide.”

Darkor has a wide selection of interests and passions. In his downtime, he likes expressing his creativity by painting, finding inspiration from ad designs and content, and working on the computer application InDesign. Outside of that, he enjoys watching Disney movies, longboarding, and discovering new music. In fact, Taylor Swift seems to be a favorite artist of his.

“My alarm clock is Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off” every morning,” said Darkor.

Most of all, Darkor has a deep passion for students.

“I’ve always been about students since I got to UNC Charlotte. I want to put the ‘student’ back into student body president,” said Darkor.

Nowell, a junior Organizational Management major from Durham, N.C. is running as a vice presidential candidate with Darkor.

Student Body Vice Presidential candidate Carrie Nowell. Photo courtesy of Alexandra Lay.
Student Body Vice Presidential candidate Carrie Nowell. Photo courtesy of Alexandra Lay.

This singing, nap-loving, student-driven candidate has known Darkor for about three years.

“We were [Orientation Counselors], did projects within SGA that have been really successful and his marketing designs skills with my academic resources knowledge pair well together,” said Nowell. “These are two big areas that need improvement.”

Nowell worked as an Orientation Counselor in 2014, is involved in the University Honors Program, is the club president and founder of the Finer Niners acapella group and works as the Secretary for Academic Affairs in SGA.

“Charlotte as a city is growing and is home to young business professionals, which helps me strive for my dreams rather than going with the normal or expected path,” said Nowell. She sees this as something faculty and staff really push. “The University atmosphere has made that a huge part of that philosophy. It made me want to give back and make things bigger and better.”

Nowell’s biggest passion is working behind the scenes to help people succeed. This is a big reason she loves Organizational Management because she learns how to do things most effectively to help people reach their goals. She gets the chance to work with passionate people, design and implement action plans, as well as bridge the divide among people from different backgrounds. In her eyes and from a business standpoint, this creates the best quality work.

“I don’t know where or how, but I’m going to own my own business and I think I’ll be there in 10 years,” said Nowell. “I would love to have my own restaurant that I collaborate with a designer, chef and keep it trendy. I don’t want it to be a franchise or ‘licensey’ but I want to own a branded event space restaurant.”

In 10 years, she also sees herself being heavily involved in her community. Nowell is passionate about urban youth organizations and student activities and would love to work on the administrative side within these areas. She currently works at an animal shelter and would like to continue this work as well.

UNC Charlotte is not just a college you get a degree from for Nowell, but rather a place with “genuine, real, honest people that feel like family to me. Niner Nation is like a family who has your back and I like that I can give that to other people,” said Nowell.

My name is Claire Dodd and I'm the News Editor for the Niner Times. This is my second year writing for the paper. I'm a sophomore majoring in Communications with a concentration in Mass Media, minoring in Journalism. Along with being a part of the staff of the newspaper, I'm also an athlete on the 49ers' Women's Club Volleyball Team.


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