Photo by Candice Kelly
Photo by Parris Wilson

Most of us can agree make up trends change every day, but some trends are simply classic. These days there are so many new makeup tricks and products to use, we may lose our minds trying to keep up. Through the evolving make up fads, one thing will never change—red lipstick.

It is difficult to figure out what red lipstick looks good for every skin tone, being it is such a bold color. MAC’s Ruby Woo red retro matte lipstick seals the deal every single time. This is the basic color that works for all ethnicities. Because this lipstick is so rich in color and texture, it makes it suitable for everyone. Ruby Woo gives you complete coverage throughout the whole day of eating, drinking and daily activities. It has the “mattifying” effect, which makes it last all day and you will not have to repeatedly reapply it. MAC Cosmetics are usually a little steep in price, however, their products are of quality and they will last a long time. The retail price of this lipstick is about $16, but it is a great investment. I can almost promise you that if you get it once, you will feel like you cannot live without it.

When in doubt, go with a classic red lipstick to enhance your features or be bold. In particular, try out the Ruby Woo lipstick, it can never steer you wrong. It is a suitable lipstick for everyone and it can quickly become your new found addiction.