Photo by Kristen Cheatam
Photo by Kristen Cheatam
  1. Golden eyeshadow

As seen on many makeup blogs, golden eyeshadow has finally peaked its head into the spring. Golden lids draw attention to the eyes and can take you from a day to night look with winged liner. Not only is golden eyeshadow perfect for a bronze makeup look, it also looks incredible when the sun reflects against your lids. To avoid creating a tacky mess, blend the golden eyeshadow correctly with a complimenting color such as a burnt orange shadow. Other metallic colors such as purple, silver and teal are refreshing for spring.

  1. Wild brows

Back for another season, wild natural brows continue to dominate the brow game. For years now wild brows have been praised and sought after since the emergence of supermodel Cara Delavigne sported her furry brows on many beauty campaigns. As seen in the Burberry Fall 2016 Womenswear Collection, models display thick, long, natural brows gelled to their face. If your brows are a little too wild and wiry for your liking, a brow gel is formulated to hold them into place and define each brow. There are plenty of options for the ladies with thin eyebrows. Try opting for tinted brow gel or a brow mascara. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the most popular brand that’s known for being the supplier for top quality eyebrow kits and gels. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel ($22) is one of the most raved about products from the brand. For more lasting faux thick eyebrows, a new technique called brow tinting has emerged where a light semi-permanent dye is applied to create the desired thickness that gives off the appearance of a fuller brow. So free those brows for spring and let them wisp in the wind.

  1. Minimal

Minimal makeup is another trend for the spring, along with dewy glowing skin. Even though the term minimal is very subjective and depends on preference, applying the least amount of makeup possible is the ultimate goal. Applying makeup to give the appearance that you actually put nothing on your face sums up the idea of this. Usually just applying the basics such as a tinted moisturizer or a light-wear, luminous foundation, mascara, a dust of blush and a tinted balm. Highlighter can be used to give a dewy glow when added to the strike points on your face with a technique called strobing. A very light and subtle contour can also be applied if your makeup makes you appear to look ghostly, but it’s important to blend your contour powder to give you natural looking definition and depth.

  1. Orange blush

So long 80s heavy bold pink, and hello supple orange blush. Sadly, it’s time for pink blush to take the back seat and let orange blush take the wheel. For the most part, pink or red blush often leads to muted clown cheeks, or in other words it’s drastically noticeable. Orange toned blush creates more of a fresh, healthy natural looking color when it’s dusted moderately on the apples of your cheeks. To maximize the color it’s best to pair the orange blush with an opaque matte burnt orange lipstick. Unlike shades of pink, orange compliments each and every skin tone. If you’re unsure about what shade fits your skin, pop into your local beauty store (Ulta or Sephora) and ask a sales associate to assist you in finding your perfect match. Deeper oranges easily melt into the skin creating a sheer effortless layer of color. Taj Mahal by NARS ($30) is the ideal shade of blush and is perfect for every complexion. If you’re searching for a cheaper option, Cinnamon by NYX is a rich pigmented blush that gives the same natural effect as NARS blush and it retails for only $5 at Ulta Beauty.

  1. Colored winged liner

Colored eyeliner has been peeking into the beauty industry for years. From the deep blue waterline trend of 2010 to the layered color winged tips of 2012, colors have been popping in and out of our lives for years. The trend has never been as important and bold until now. As seen on many models at NYFW, blues and greens are at the forefront of the trendiest colors to wear. Many women who are new to applying makeup have trouble mastering the perfect wing and dread the daunting task of trying to create a simple symmetrical cat eye. To avoid staring into the mirror for 20 minutes per eye, try using a winged liner stencil. Practicing with a stencil can improve your wrist flicking skills and give you the perfect wings you’ve been searching for. Instead of using liner, opt to fill the stencil with a colored crème eyeshadow to create a bold, beautiful winged cat eye.


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