Photos by Pooja Pasupula .

If you’re at the Student Union, be sure to take a stroll through the Art Gallery to view some of the phenomenal work featured in this year’s edition of the Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine. Sanskrit is UNC Charlotte’s nationally recognized and award-winning literary-arts magazine. Featuring submissions from artists around the world, Sanskrit Magazine features handpicked poetry, short stories and artwork. The impressive team behind Sanskrit truly creates an impressive and inspiring gallery that will undoubtedly spark creativity in anyone that visits.

The gallery, on display now through March 28, showcases several select pieces of artwork from the magazine. Those that visit the gallery will notice a wide variety of different art mediums from photography and canvas print to photolithography and digital media. Some of the standout artwork includes “Galaxy” by Alaina Chapman and “Slow Hello” by Jayne Dinh, as well as “Heart” and “Spine” by Meghan Clemm. Two of the digital media pieces, “Bird Man” and “Duckface and Ula,” both by Anthony Lopez, are other highlights of the gallery. Some of the other pieces featured in the gallery include “One World” by Alaina Chapman and “Lion” by Caroline Kerrigan, both of which are oil on canvas paintings. This gallery truly offers something unique for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

There isn’t much to be said about the gallery in words, as the work truly speaks for itself. The pieces are stunning concoctions that are simply meant to be seen in person, beyond your computer screen. The gallery has been open since March 8 and closes on March 28. This gallery is definitely worth your time, whether you spend a few minutes or several. The gallery is located on the main floor of the Student Union and is open to the public. Copies of the Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine are available at the gallery. More information about Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine can be found at

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