A UNC Charlotte student heading to class Tuesday morning found something unexpected outside of his apartment.

“It’s not often you hear about a 19-year-old delivering a baby with his neighbor,” said junior Biology student Daniel Kepple, “It was a pretty extraordinary morning.”

As Kepple walked down the steps he saw a woman laying on the ground by an apartment door.

“I asked her, ‘is everything okay?’,” he explained, “she said, ‘no, I’m about to go into labor.’”

After realizing the situation at hand, Kepple called his mother, a nurse, who told him to grab water, towels and pillows from his apartment. He says the woman could not go into his apartment because he lived on the third floor and she could not walk that far.

Apartment complex where junior Daniel Kepple helped delivery a baby. Photo by Andrew James.
Apartment complex where junior Daniel Kepple helped delivery a baby. Photo by Andrew James.

While Kepple gathered supplies in his apartment, his neighbor heard the woman screaming and began delivering the baby.

When he returned the neighbor began to feel woozy and nauseous so he continued delivering the baby with the help of a 911 operator.

“I jumped in and pulled the baby out the rest of the way and cleaned off the baby, wiped the airwaves and it started to cry after that,” he shared.

The baby’s cry is a moment he will never forget.

“I was really thankful that it started crying after I cleared the airwaves,” he said.

Kepple says his first aid training from growing up as a boy scout helped prepare for the situation; both of his parents are also in the medical field.

Kepple did not get to talk to the new mom much but would love to connect with her and meet the boy he helped deliver.

Looking back, Kepple says he would do it all again if given the opportunity. He is even considering adding a medical degree to the PhD he plans to pursue.

Andrew James is a Senior Communication Studies major and Journalism minor. He has worked for the Niner Times in the news and video departments since his freshman year at UNC Charlotte. After college, Andrew aspires to be a television news reporter. Outside of school, Andrew enjoys running and hiking in the mountains.