Photo by Candice Kelly
Photo by Candice Kelly

1. Because You Made them

We all have been there, that mid-March realization that our well wished New Year’s resolutions are falling short. No matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to get motivated. With all of the fad diet commercials and gym promotions dying out, it’s easy to fall off the wagon as the year goes on. But just because the hype is gone, it doesn’t get you off the hook for achieving your goals. What’s the point of setting goals year after year if you’re just going to neglect them and disappoint yourself? You made these resolutions for a reason, so use that reason as a motivator to keep going throughout the year.

2. To Better Yourself

Many people make resolutions that are intended to improve their lives in some way. Maybe you want to lose weight, get better grades or mend a broken relationship with a family member. It can also inspire those around you to work on their bad habits as well.

3. To Build Confidence

The most common excuse people make for not following through with their plans is that they don’t have enough of something, not enough time, not enough money, not enough space. But what they are really lacking is motivation and confidence. Doing something new is never easy, there are bound to be some roadblocks along the way, but perseverance is guaranteed to produce the most favorable results. It is said that getting started is the hardest step, which may be true, but the next hardest step is to keep going. If you are someone who rarely keeps commitments and often backs out of plans, this can take a toll on your self-confidence. You may give up out of habit and shortchange yourself in the long run. But you can do this! Once you reach that goal, your confidence will skyrocket and you will be more motivated to get going on your next goals.

4. Because The Reward Will Be Worth it

Let’s be honest, the whole reason we set goals is to get some kind of reward. So why quit before you reap the benefits of your hard work? Even if you don’t end up with exactly what you were working for, you can at least say you did it, which can’t be said for everyone. You’ve worked hard so you deserve to celebrate the fruits of your labor. Imagine the sweet success once you finally cross the finish line of that race you’ve been training for. Or how much better you will feel after dropping ten pounds. For 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days you’ve been making strides towards your goal, and finally your hard work has paid off. Just picture yourself ten pounds smaller or $1,000 richer. With proper planning and execution, you can be where you want to be by this time next year.

5. Bragging Rights

Admit it, deep down there is that small piece of you that likes to bask in the glory of your accomplishments every now and then. To everyone who told you that you couldn’t do it, to those who never believed in you, there’s almost a need to rub your success in their face. In the words of world renowned motivational speaker DJ Khaled; “they don’t want you to win… they don’t wanna see us succeed.” But we are going to win anyway. Major Key.