Photo by Sydney Swafford
Photo by Sydney Swafford

We can all admit we’re not the best gift givers. Without the time or money to go searching and spending on that perfect gift, we’re bound to disappoint. But look no further then this guide to gift giving for every forty niner. Whether you’re in need of a last minute gift or don’t want to break the bank, this list provides a ton of unique and inexpensive holiday gifts for everyone on your shopping list.

  1. Hair Tie Bracelet
    Hair ties too tight around your wrist? They’re annoying and painful. So, if you’ve got a girl in your life, help her out by getting her this cute yet functional way to style a necessity. The product comes in silver, gold and rose gold, and can be found here.
  2. Wall Phone Holder
    Make life a little bit easier by using this nifty pouch to help keep your plugged in devices organized, off a dirty surface or use it as a night stand, found here.
  3. Anti-Slip Ice Shoe Grips
    Wearing these on your shoes is a lot less humiliating than falling down the mountain of ice that is UNC Charlotte in the winter time. The product was tested in Norway and ice approved, found here.
  4. Accessory & Flat Iron Holder
    Between all the bobby pins, makeup brushes and hair styling products there is way too much crap to carry back and forth to shared bathrooms and to have any open counter space. This great product will help, found here.
  5. Cord Organizer
    Unruly cords everywhere is a controversy every college student has and it doesn’t help if you’re a little OCD either. Help destress that OCD friend by buying this cord organizer for a clean look, found here.
  6. Whisker Dam for Moustaches
    For that one friend who participates in no shave November year round and often gets confused with the Monopoly Man, help protect his moustache, found here.
  7. Oreo Dipping Spoon
    Just buy this one for yourself, found here.
  8. Doggie Rain Poncho
    Dogs are people too, this dog gear can be found here.
  9. A Personalized video of a guy covering himself in condiments
    Just send this one, no questions asked. This strange guy can be found here.
  10. Carolina Reaper Pepper Growing Kit
    Make your winter a little bit hotter, literally. See how much heat your friends can handle with the hottest peppers in the world grown right in your apartment, found here.
  11. Star Wars Han and Leia Towels
    Couples are people too and the new Star Wars movie comes out on December 18th, found here.
  12. Lego Mug
    Help friends procrastinate while doing homework by giving them this irresistible mug they’ll want to play with instead of focusing, found here.
  13. A Christmas Story Leg Lamp
    Traditions should never be lost, so if you can’t fit a Christmas tree through your door fit this lamp instead, found here.
  14. Corgi Calendar
    A corgi a day keeps the doctor away, right? Everyone needs a new 2016 calendar anyways, so here’s a cute way to gift it, found here.
  15. DIY Christmas Sock Making Kit
    Weird socks are always a necessity. Buy a few pair and grab a pizza with some friends for a holiday party, found here.
  16. Otter Tape Dispenser
    Okay, I don’t have a reason for this one but you can find it here.
  17. Minecraft Torch
    Set the mood with this Minecraft torch. Use it as a lamp beside your bed or freak your building out by starting to walk around with it 24/7, found here.
  18. Nontoxic melt-in-your Hand Gallium
    Hopefully you’re good enough friends with the person you’re gifting this to and they’ll let you play with it. We all want to experience the chemistry, found here.
  19. Bloody When Wet Bath Mat
    Buy this and don’t tell your room mates, found here.
  20. Pyro Pet Melting Candle
    Whether you want to be festive with the reindeer candle or get something more year round friendly, like a cat or bunny, these candles will last even after they’re melted, found here.
  21. Nose Body Wash Dispenser
    Not only will this help stop the soap from falling, but it’ll help get a laugh from all your guests, found here.
  22. Loch Ness Monster Ladle
    Slyly tell your roommate to cook for you by getting them this cute stand-alone ladle, found here.
  23. Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder
    Film majors and minors unite, found here.
  24. Random Carp ‘Organizing’ Bag
    A slick way to tell your roomie to clean up their stuff, found here.
  25. Fish Apartment
    No furry pets on campus is a sad reality. If you’re desperate for affection get a gold fish and hook it up with its own apartment, found here.
Sydney Swafford is a sophomore at UNC Charlotte pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree accompanied by a Women's and Gender Studies Minor.