The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity has paired with the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity to raise money and awareness for cancer research and to also support a brother of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity who was diagnosed with sarcoma.

During the third annual Shave a SigEp Oct. 30, fraternity members shaved their heads to raise money for cancer research. However upon hearing about the brother who had been diagnosed with cancer, the two fraternities decided to work together to raise money.

“We initially heard that the brother had gotten cancer and so … we felt like it would be a good opportunity to pair with them and give them half of our proceeds because this is something we are very passionate about as a fraternity,” said Will Banish, a member of the programming committee for Sigma Phi Epsilon.

It was the coordination and planning of the programming committee that helped bring these two fraternities together to support a similar cause.

“Initially shave a sigep was just for our chapter, we really wanted to do something were we could spread awareness for cancer research,” said Banish.

Donations were being accepted all throughout the event, with half of the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society, which is Sigma Phi Epsilon’s national philanthropy and the other half will go towards medical expenses for the Pi Kappa Phi brother.

Brothers from both fraternities were there to show their support and raise money for the cause.

“I think it’s great that two organizations can come together and give back in their respective ways,” said Banish.

During the event, Sigma Phi Epsilon was accepting donations for food. The food was free, but patrons were able to donate any amount of money they wanted to the cause.

Pi Kappa Phi has been tabling outside of the Student Union for the past two weeks to raise money for the brother diagnosed with cancer. Shave a SigEp was their last fundraising event for the year.

However, donations can still be made to the brother through the organization’s Tilt link, which is the site they are using to collect donations.

The link to the page will stay open through Nov. 6 for any last-minute donations.

To donate, visit

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