The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is one of the nation’s largest leadership honor societies, and the UNC Charlotte chapter is working hard to build new leaders and promote awareness for the organization through events.

Students are selected for membership based on their GPA and leadership potential. Membership to the organization is for a lifetime and offers its members access to scholarships and awards.

The NSLS has done many smaller events in the past, but is now pushing for more student involvement both inside and outside of the organization.

Most recently, the NSLS held a costume contest Oct. 25, which is a first for the organization. The costume contest was a social event to raise awareness of the organization on campus. The event was served the purpose of team-building with the UNC Charlotte chapter. They had free food and drinks donated by Papa John’s and Coca Cola.

There was a Mr. and Ms. Best Costume winners that received gifts from the organization.

Along with the costume contest was a bake sale fundraiser. The organization was selling cookies and brownies for $1. The money raised at the costume contest will go towards the NSLS for future events.

“This event was basically organized so we could have more visibility for the National Society of Leadership and Success at the university, so that more people could know that this kind of honor society exists,” said Nehal Tanna, student president of the UNC Charlotte chapter of the NSLS.

“Ever since I took over as president, we wanted to do something different so that is how we came up with this idea,” said Tanna.

“We’re very proud of our members,” said Tanna. “The society has had a significant impact on our campus, inspiring our students to become better leaders and helping them build a better future for themselves, the campus and their respective communities.”

The NSLS has inducted more than 750 members. Each member completes a leadership training program consisting of an orientation, leadership training day, three speaker broadcasts, three success networking team meetings and and an induction ceremony. At the ceremony, members receive a Certificate of Leadership Training.

There are more than 475 chapters for the NSLS across universities nationwide and the organization serves more than 450,000 members.

The NSLS has been an on-campus organization for eight years.

For more information on the organization, visit The NSLS can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Nick Cropper is the News Editor for the Niner Times. Currently, he is a senior pursuing a major in PR and a minor in journalism. Although he has lived in Charlotte for close to four years now, he is originally from Maryland. Contact him at for questions or if you want to pitch a potential story.