Photo by Nicole Buckenham
Photo by Nicole Buckenham

A new era has emerged amongst today’s youth. And that is to tell the truth. With mottos like YOLO circulating around and people being as reckless as possible, it only makes sense that people are dropping those little white lies for shiny new truths. More and more people are starting to have the mentality that maybe, just maybe, they might get hit by a bus tomorrow. Now, if that happened, did you really say everything you wanted to say to whom you wanted to say it to before you left?

Telling the truth to people and being as straight up as possible comes with its pros and cons. Have you ever felt like you needed to say something so bad that it was just eating away at you? Whether it was something you felt guilty about or some profound feelings you had for someone… imagine that feeling gone forever because, well, you let it out from inside. You don’t have to worry whether that person you have a crush on will actually want to date you anymore or just fool around. If you announce your feelings to them, you no longer have this confusion. Maybe you felt like you deserved a better grade on an assignment and you were too afraid to say anything, but with this new wave on honesty going around, why don’t you go ahead and tell your professor how you feel? Speaking your mind is scary, sure, but so is sky diving and falling in love. Both things are magical, scary and completely worth it in the end. That’s how the youth of today is viewing being straight up with people. It may be scary at first and seem like it’s not worth the risk, but that feeling of revealing the truth is worth it in the end. You won’t get anywhere if you keep your feelings bottled up.

Now, with telling the truth there’s also the effects that come along with it. Maybe when you say what you want to say, you don’t get the response you wanted back. That’s only the worst that could happen. Maybe when you tell the person you’re in love with that you love them, they won’t love you back. But then, at least you know that they are not the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe when you tell your professor you deserve a better grade, nothing changes. The only negative with speaking your mind is that it might not change anything, or maybe now you know something you never knew before that you didn’t want to know. With every truth spoken, you’re one step closer to something you wanted versus if you did not say anything at all.

So with the motto “honesty is the best policy” actually taking affect nowadays, what does that mean for you? It means that go ahead and send that risky text message you’ve been wanting to send that’s been just sitting in your phone for days. Tell the person you can’t stop thinking about that you cannot get them off your mind. Tell your boss you want a promotion or demand a better grade on an assignment that you worked your butt off for. If you don’t say these things… who will? Who will ever know the response you will get back if you never are straight up with people and yourself. After all, that risky text message is just a bunch of words in grey and blue bubbles. Tell someone they’re on your mind because they aren’t a mind reader. Tell your boss you deserve the best because you’re a full time college student working a part time job. Tell your professor you want a better grade because studying harder than you ever have before for a test surely means something. Telling the truth is scary, but worth it in the end. Be straight up, speak your mind and follow Drake’s advice that you only live once. You never know who needs your back as much as you need them. You never know the endless possibilities that stand before you when you let people know what you want. Say what you’re thinking before it’s too late.