beauty titleMakeup has always been one of my favorite things to experiment with. Trying new daring colored lips or attempting and failing, to highlight my face has always been a fun getaway for me. I think my makeup peak like most adolescent girls was in mid high school. Pinterest gave inspiration for outfit ideas and color combos while YouTube was my tutorial go to for all things hair and makeup. It was honestly a little annoying to have favorited videos, pinned pins and shared messages with all the different styles I wanted to test. It wasn’t until I stumbled across an advertisement for an app called Beautylish that all my beauty needs were finally in one spot. Beautylish is a free app that connects pictures, videos, reviews and so much more on all things beauty related. This app is truly every girly-girl’s dream.

IMG_7542When signing up for Beautylish, you are asked for eye color, skin tone, hair color and texture to help personalize all videos, products and photos to people who actually look like you. This personalized approach is shockingly successful. All of the YouTubers I follow ended up on my Beautylish feed. The videos section encompasses various videos from hair tutorials, makeup routines and holiday specials. The photo section very similarly shows selfies, hair, nail art and sometimes just artistic beauty. All of the products talked about or tagged in the videos and photos end up in the review section. This section allows beauty gurus to rate the products on a five star scale so you don’t waste money on unworthy products. If you’ve fallen in love with a specific item, try going to the brands section and looking at all the other rated products made by the same company. Not only can you search rated brands and products, you can easily add them to your cart and purchase them right on the app. Editorials are also linked—through this section you’re able to read Buzz Feed type articles about beauty and how it relates to you. Finally, the last section, Talk, is a forum where users like you and I can ask questions and get opinions on beauty secrets they have tried.

All in all, Beautylish connects users together easily and internationally to provide the best reviews and resources for all things beauty. I rate this app an easy five out of five because it’s free, has a sleek design and I use it almost every day instead of scrolling Twitter for hours on end. The app allows you to put your voice and opinions out there while simultaneously getting great feedback from trusted users.

Sydney Swafford is a sophomore at UNC Charlotte pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree accompanied by a Women's and Gender Studies Minor.