John Medwedeff's "Aperture". Photo by Makeedah Baker.
John Medwedeff’s “Aperture”. Photo by Makeedah Baker.

UNC Charlotte dedicated the latest edition to their collection of artwork on campus called “Aperture” Nov. 5.

The statue was designed by artist John Medwedeff and is the first in his series of “Aperture” sculptures.

It is located next to Hechenbleikner Lake, near the main entrance of campus.

The statue can also be rotated.

Medwedeff’s inspiration behind the Aperture statue came from the sweeping waters of the lake it looks over.

UNC Charlotte Chancellor Phillip Dubois began the dedication ceremony with a few opening remarks.

Discussion for the addition of a new statue next to Hechenbleikner Lake first began a few years ago, when the dam was being repaired, Dubois began speaking to Belk about the possibility of a new addition to campus.

Aperture was commissioned by Irwin Belk, who has made many donations to UNC Charlotte over the years.

Belk was unable to attend the dedication, but was instead represented by his son Carl Belk, who said a few words on behalf of the Belk Family.

Carl spoke of how proud he and the rest of the Belk family are of UNC Charlotte and how remarkable it is to see the campus as it is now.

“I’ve seen first hand how well this university has been, especially the architecture, it’s just amazing,” said Carl.

Carl then thanked Dubois and the  University for honoring them that day.

“On behalf of my dad and also many of my other relatives … the whole family loves this university. Thank you for honoring us today,” said Carl.

After remarks from Carl, Dubois once again took the podium to end the dedication.

“In recognition of the Belk tradition of philanthropy, business and leadership and on behalf of the trustees of UNC Charlotte, it is my honor to formally dedicate Aperture. May it motivate and enlighten all those who live, work and learn on this campus,” said Dubois.

After Dubois’ closing remarks, guests were treated to food and refreshments.

Back in 2013, Belk commissioned two 12-foot statues depicting football players outside Jerry Richarson Stadium.

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