Photos by Luis Rumbaut

I did not know what to expect as I entered The Visulite Theatre by the side of the trolley tracks in Uptown Charlotte to see Hiatus Kaiyote, but I was sure blown away by how it was set up. The venue is divided into three areas with the bar being the first thing I saw when I entered the venue. A few steps down, the second area, which is at the same level as the stage, acts like a lounge area for people just wanting to sit and spectate. Located below was the third and smallest, the area right underneath the multicolored stage, already crowded with people before the show even started.

Opening up for the night was a band from Miami named Astrea Corporation, though initially I had thought they were a duo because there was only a DJ in a plain red tee and a singer with curly hair and an army vest performing. Either way, the vibe they gave off was electrifying as the singer’s stream-like voice flowed on top of some impact fully heavy beats capturing the attention of all the people within the theater.

After a proper vibratory performance by the Astrea Corporation and a few minutes of waiting, it was time for the main event. As soon as Hiatus Kaiyote hit the stage they got down to business. Melding aspects of blues, rock, soul and jazz through their performance. Hiatus Kaiyote’s sound resonated so loud that it rattled the cups in the back of the area furthest from the stage. The band’s chemistry was so great that it generated a lot of amazing energy from the audience, as it would be hard to find someone not enjoying themselves. People danced in the lounge area, jumped and sung along with the band right below the stage.

Over all the smallness of the venue, the energy that both these bands put into performing live and the love the audience gave unto them went into creating a positive night. Personally, I might not listen to a lot of indie, but I’ve been to a few live music shows and the ones that have had good performers and audiences are very similar to the night I saw Astrea Corporation and Hiatus Kaiyote live at The Visulite Theatre.