Photo by Sydney Swafford
Photo by Sydney Swafford

By no means am I petite. It can be very hard in modern society for average and plus sized women like myself to find clothes that not only fit comfortably, but actually flatter different body shapes. I’ve made it my goal to find a few pieces and accessories that are up and coming for the fall that flatter each and every body type. Unfortunately, a downfall to new trends is price. Finding something everyone wants to get their hands on that doesn’t break the bank can be difficult. The trends I will be wearing this fall are cost effective and cute.

Suede everything

To start off, let’s bring up the miracle that is suede. Suede has been seen in just about every store lately from Target and TJ Maxx, to Nordstrom and American Apparel. The great thing about Suede is it goes with everything. Stores sell suede shoes, tops, pants, skirts, dresses and cardigans in a range of fall colors that look adorable. I bought my suede shirt at TJ Maxx for only $12.99. This shirt is comfortable and incredibly soft. The flowy bottom lets fuller women hide some of their imperfections on top, but allows a pairing with tighter bottoms to show off other assets. It’s a cheerful but subtle green gray color that can really complement green and brown eyes. This shirt features a high neck, which is another popular trend on tops and dresses for this fall.

Button-up skirts

These seventies sweethearts will be a definite eye-catcher. Often worn high-waisted with a crop top, these skirts can make any messy hair kind of day a little bit cuter. I found this gem at Marshall’s for $14.99. These skirts most often come in suede or jean. I personally love the jean look. Its copper buttons just help add to the trendy fall look, making this skirt my personal favorite. I had some trouble finding one that fit my waist but wasn’t too tight in all the other areas. Marshall’s had a surprisingly cheap and good selection for tighter and flowy options to fit everyone’s wants. These button-up babies are a must have for this fall.

Floor-length cardigans

These have got to be one of my favorites, although it’s hard to pick. Floor-length cardigans can be paired with anything. A casual, yet fashionable way to wear this is with skinny jeans, a graphic t-shirt and booties, in comparison to many high-fashion models wearing these with dresses. It was definitely the splurge of the shopping trip. Mine cost $27.99 at Target. I was able to find several at Marshall’s for half the price, but unfortunately their size selection didn’t fit my needs. They’re extra lovable because they keep you warm while helping to not completely cover your curves. I really love having cardigans as an option to keep wearing summer tops during the fall weather. It saves us broke college kids some money while staying up to date with current culture.

Cloche hats

Headgear just isn’t my thing–at least that’s what I thought before I fell in love with this steal. I got a burgundy and black cloche hat for $19.99 at Target. Although a little pricey for an accessory, I’ve found myself wearing this hat with just about every color combination and outfit I own. A massive step up from the fedora craze a couple years back, these 1920s inspired cloche hats are an awesome addition to any closet. Extremely popular with shorter hair styles, these hats will help draw attention away from your troublesome spots, and bring focus to your eyes, cheekbones and lips. So, make sure to watch some fall makeup tutorials before sporting your new hat, because you will surely be catching everyone’s eyes.

Photo by Sydney Swafford
Photo by Sydney Swafford

Copper nail polish

A shiny and sleek copper nail polish caught my eye in Target a few weeks back, and then I started noticing it everywhere–and I mean everywhere. This bottle of Sinful Colors “copper pot” nail polish cost only $1.99. I always use Sinful Colors nail polish because it’s over three times cheaper than Essie or OPI, and lasts just as long. After putting this autumn beauty on my hands and feet, it took a day or two to really love it, but it was well worth it. Although a change from the traditional pinks and reds, this copper cutie will have everyone wanting you to be their fashion consultant.

The grand total for all five trends is just over $75. Getting this total down to a more reasonable price would involve some searching for a lower priced cardigan and hat for the main portions. Shopping at thrift stores and re-sale shops like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Gabe’s is definitely your best bet. If these deals just don’t fit your budget, remember to always look for coupons. Target features a coupon app, Cartwheel, which can be used to scan barcodes on any of their products to find corresponding deals. TJ Maxx doesn’t typically advertise coupons, but at the bottom of each and every receipt there is an opportunity to win a $500.00 gift card by taking an online survey. These TJ Maxx surveys are monthly and by store, so your chances of winning actually aren’t too bad. For any other store, be sure to search coupon apps and coupons before leaving the house. With these five new fall trends to add to your shopping list, you’ll be a fashionista in no time.

Sydney Swafford is a sophomore at UNC Charlotte pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree accompanied by a Women's and Gender Studies Minor.