Photo by Kristen Cheatam
Photo by Kristen Cheatam


As the season changes and the sun begins to hide behind the dim fall clouds, the colors of the summer began to fade along with your luminous summer sun kissed skin. Tanning is basically impossible in cold cloudy weather, but that doesn’t mean you have to take on a modern day Wednesday Addams appearance. Bronzer is the next best thing to a tan and has less harmful health effects. Not only does bronzer give the illusion of a sun-kissed glow, but it can also define the facial bone structure. To help give your face the perfect definition try . There are many shades, varieties and formulas of bronzer combinations and it’s important to know which ones best suit your skin type. For dry skin, I would recommend using a cream bronzer such as Urban Decay Naked Skin Bronzing Beauty Balm, which retails for $35 at Sephora. Cream bronzers are very light weight and easy to apply. Powdered Bronzers are best for oily skin because they do not dip into your pores like a cream bronzer. The best formulated powder bronzer is the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil, which retails for $30 at Ulta. A cheaper option is NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer. For the girls with olive/yellowish undertones in their skin, using a neutral or cool toned bronzer will help avoid mirroring an orange. So, choose your bronzer wisely ladies, and torture the fall with sun kissed golden skin.

Dewy Luminous Foundation

The cool fall air is no joke, especially when it sucks every ounce of moisture from your skin and leaves your face looking dull. It’s time to retire the translucent powder and matte foundation until spring and revive your skin with a luminous, dewy foundation. Usually dewy foundations are aimed towards dry skin, but even the oiliest skin can benefit from the extra glow. NARS All-Day Luminous Foundation, sold at Sephora for $48, is one of the best foundations and it’s true to its name. This lightweight, cake-free foundation creates the perfect glaze of highlight on your cheekbones. According to NARS, the best way to apply this foundation is with your fingers because it gives off a blotchless, even finish. For a cheaper option, Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Smooth foundation gives the same glowing effect as the NARS foundation, although it requires constant application because it’s not an all-day formula.

Bold Dark Lip colors

As the leaves get darker, so should your lips. It’s an unspoken commandment in the beauty bible. There’s an art to applying dark lips. First off, it’s extremely important to find shades that coordinate with your skin tone. Burnt orange does not suit everyone. Some colors will look terrible on you, but don’t get discouraged. It happens to the best of us and if you keep searching you’ll find the perfect shade. Dark red lipstick is the easiest to distinguish between because the blue toned, or neutral reds typically flatter all skin tones. Stay away from red lipstick with orange undertones. Deep plum purple is the most popular fall lip color and looks amazing on almost everybody. When choosing deep colored lipsticks, look for a highly pigmented matte finish formula to reduce the chance of the lipstick transferring onto clothes or traveling to other parts of your face. Before applying a dark lipstick, it’s important to apply moisturizing chapstick and a lip liner, such as Nightmoth by MAC, because it acts as a barrier between your lips and skin to hold the lip color in place. NYX has a ton of incredible matte lip creams at an affordable price that feature perfect fall colors. However, Transylvania and Copenhagen are the only shades that have the perfect pigment.

Beauty Oil

Some of the newest products hitting shelves in the beauty industry are beauty oils. Not only does it cleanse your skin, it also moisturizes and prevents early signs of aging. It’s especially important in the fall to add as much moisture back into your skin when it is starting to get really dehydrated. When choosing a beauty oil, look for something non-greasy that creates a healthy natural glow. One of the most raved about beauty oils is the RMS Beauty Oil which retails for $78, but for the price it lasts ages. For a more affordable beauty oil, you could opt for all natural organic coconut oil which is sold at most health food markets. So whatever the fall has in store, make sure you fight against the harsh effects of the changing season.