Halton Arena was filled with excitement as students, family and alumni came out to watch Basketball Madness.

Charlotte 49ers men's basketball team. Photo by Chris Crews
Charlotte 49ers men’s basketball team. Photo by Chris Crews

Members of the men’s and women’s basketball teams were able to show off their game and, more importantly, their dance moves. The madness began with player introductions. Gastonia native and senior forward Bernard Sullivan stole the show, coming out with ray-bans and a cowboy hat. The crowd erupted as new head coach Mark Price was first introduced to Halton Arena crowd.

From there, players chose participants from the crowd where they competed against each other to see who could score the most points in twenty seconds. Dancing aside, the players gave Niner Nation a hint of what is to come this season with dazzling dunks and long-range shooting.

Charlotte 49ers women’s basketball team. Photo by Chris Crews

Lastly came the three-point competition between the men’s and women’s team. Junior Ciara Gregory took home the crown.

“I shot it ok, I could have shot it better,” Gregory humbly said.

Women’s Head Coach Cara Consuegra was pleased with the turnout.

“It was a great crowd this year. I thought the stage creates a fantastic element where you can see the personality of the players,” Consuegra said.

Both of the men’s and women’s team will open the season at Halton Arena on Friday, November 13th in a doubleheader. The women will take on Ball State at 5:30 p.m., while the men will play Elon at 8:30 p.m.


Andy Gustafson is the Sports Writer for the Niner Times. This is his first year involved with the Times. He is majoring in mass media communications and minoring in journalism. He is from Asheville, North Carolina.