untappdAre you a beer connoisseur? Do you ever find yourself looking at a beer list and seeing something that you want to try, but are unsure if you have had it before because the name sounds all too familiar? There is a way to catalog each and every beer you try and whether or not you like it with Untappd.

Download this free app, sign up for an account and begin untapping. You can even add your friends and see which beers they are trying. When you check-in with a beer, you can take a picture of it and then rate it on a scale from one to five bottle caps, five being the best. Then, add a description of what the beer tastes like. The picture and description are not required, but many people use these features. The ratings you give beers will create suggestions for different beers to try in the future. When you untap beers, you will earn different badges. These are a fun way to celebrate drinking beer.

If you enable the location setting, Untappd will find local breweries and craft beers special to your location. It will also find bars and trending beers close to you. This is my favorite aspect of the app. I highly recommend Untappd for social drinkers.

Sydney is the Assistant Lifestyle Editor. She is an English major/ journalism minor and hopes to work for a newspaper in the future. She enjoys writing and is passionate about fitness.